And That Is Where We Are

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Life isn’t always what you think it will turn out to be. I know that from traveling all of these years.

You may think you know about a place or the people that live there. You may think you know about the flowers and trees that grow there.

You may think you know about the animals that live there. But until you actually spend time there, you do not know. You just don’t.

That’s why I think it is so important not to judge people or places. Because you never know all of the facts. And that is what Boy Person learned yesterday in that Italy place when he went to see our little house. Well, it is not ours yet. But we have grown very attached to it.

Once he finally got to that Italy place, he went to the path up to the little house. He said that it was very, very hard to walk on the path. And he said that there were thorny thorn bush monsters that kept trying to grab his legs and feet.

Well, maybe that explains how his shoes ended up like that.

We worried all day here back at home in this Florida place. He didn’t have much cell service to talk to us. And he had not slept or eaten in days. So we didn’t get a lot of information. And there is so much to think about.

Sometimes, things can seem scarier than they actually are. Yes, some things are hard to accomplish. Some places are hard to get to. But is it worth the sacrifice and the work? Can you do it? Those are questions you have to ask yourself. And those are questions we are asking ourselves.

We love the little house in that Italy place. We do. And we love each other as well. That is why we are being realistic yet hopeful That is why we are being positive yet discerning. Someone may tell you to go with your gut, and that is important. But you also have to go with your head and meet somewhere in between.

So as we think and ponder and think some more, and rest we will wait on Boy Person to go back today to the little house if he can get there. You have to get all the facts that you can in order to be comfortable with some choices in life. And once you do that, and you do all you can, you believe in yourself. And that is where we are.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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2 thoughts on “And That Is Where We Are

  1. Jacquelyn

    Sure worrying about you guys today. Haven’t seen any posts about what is happening. Hope BP is ok. Praying for you that everything will work out and that you will all be safe! Love you all!

  2. Patricia

    I’m sorry, but looking of BP’s legs and saying is hard to walk on, I think its not good for the pups..I saw the home what happens if they get to excited and slides down the cliff. But, it’s you’re life and the owners of the pups.

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