In Italy, Part Three

Here I am, on one of the most confusing weeks of my life. I know that all big decisions in life do come with consequences. You’ll either look back and be thankful, regretful, happy or mournful. And I feel like it’s so much of a responsibility to make this decision in the right way and make the right one.

I’ve went from one place to another the last week. No, I’m not the one who went to Italy. I stayed here and Nathan went. But in my mind, I’ve went from “let’s do this!” to “what are we thinking?”.

I’ve always thought that if you follow your heart, decisions should be easy. But it’s not true for me. I’ve had so many life experiences the last seven years traveling full time. I’ve seen the wonderful parts of the USA and I’ve seen the hidden, sad parts too. I’ve seen the tourist spots and the spots undiscovered. Every place has a story. And every place has someone that calls it home.

But where does home feel like to me? I thought that I knew. But traveling made me realize that our world is much smaller than we think. To some, Italy feels like a different planet. But to some, the USA feels far away. It’s all about perspective. Like this decision.

Today, Nate cut some of the path to the little house and he went inside the house for the first time. It’s so strange to see his pictures. In some ways, the house seems like a dream to me. But it really does exist.

The amount of work that it is going to take just to make it livable is undeniable. We think that for every room, it will probably take us six months. It’s not only just the two of us doing the work, but it takes time to get the materials up the path. Plus, we have to work and we have to live. Even every day life like getting food will be an undertaking.

But the first priority is getting a comfy spot for the dogs to feel at home. And for them to feel safe. We will need to rent somewhere while we accomplish that. So. Yes. It’s so much. So much.

If Nathan can clear the path for the engineer to inspect the home on Monday, we will also have more direction. If he says it cannot be lived in, well, our decision is made. But we can’t rely on someone to make the decision for us. We need to decide that before he goes up there. So that we know what’s in our hearts. Stay tuned.

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