In Italy, Part Two

Usually, I let the dogs do the talking on our 2 Traveling Dogs blog since 2011. Every weekday since 2011 as a matter of fact! But during one of the biggest decisions that I have ever had in my life, I feel the need to talk. I am scared. I am nervous. I am apprehensive. I am excited. I am hopeful. Oh, I want to get that little house in Italy so badly I can almost taste the spaghetti.

If you missed In Italy Part One, you can read it here. When I last gave an update, my husband had just arrived in Italy and was attempting to make it up the quarter mile path to the house we fell in love with online months ago. He lost two shoes in the process. We also lost a big part of the hopefulness we had been carrying. Because the path was in worse shape than we thought. It was narrower than we thought. And we just were not sure if we were making something seem harder than it was. Or if we were just looking for a way out.

I guess in some ways, I want a clear cut answer. And I wasn’t getting it. Nate went to the notary’s office in Italy with our Italian teacher who helped to translate and helped communication flow. He found out that the path should have been cleared. He found out that an engineer had came out to the property to inspect it and make sure it was able to be sold as a house with basic conditions. And yet, the engineer could not make it up the path to the house.

So it became the owner’s responsibility to get the inspection. However, they could not get anyone to clear the path until the middle of next week. So….I received a text message from Nate saying that he was going to clear the path himself for the engineer because he could not be away from the dogs that long. And I am just…worried. About all of this. Worried that it will work out. Worried that it won’t work out. What do I want? What is best for everyone? Can I truly get the house livable in time for Brickle and Fruitycake to be comfortable? They deserve that.

I know that some things just seem scarier than they truly are. Am I being too scared? Not scared enough? Is a dream always this hard to make happen? Or are dreams easy? I don’t know!! I. Just. Don’t. Know.

I know that this decision is one that many people could and would make quickly. But nothing is ever that easy for me. What is the next part of this process? Nate will be clearing the path by himself to make it passable for the engineer to inspect the home on Monday. He bought a new pair of shoes.

And he also got a key to look inside of the house. I think that once he can do that, we will be able to clearly have all of the facts in front of us. Stay tuned….

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