In Italy, Part Four

It’s been quite a challenge for me this last week to keep positive. But honestly, I haven’t really been trying to be positive. I’ve always had a hard time with that. I see everything that can go wrong. And I ignore what can go right.

This saves me from disappointment. It works pretty good, I have to say. But it has most definitely prevented me from achieving certain goals and being good to myself. I sure can put on a smile when I need to for others, though. I guess that’s ok too.

This decision of whether to take on this project in Italy is no different.

We’ve put money down. And we’ve been thru a lot of work and disappointments already. But something in me keeps going. Because I want to move to Italy. Because I’ve always wanted to move to Italy. Because it’s always seemed impossible. And I know better than that. It is possible. But it’s going to be really hard.

I put my thoughts out here on the blog lately because I want others to know what’s going on. You’ve known our family and have been there for us from the beginning over eleven years ago.

I know we have however lost some friends lately because they don’t agree with our journey or understand it. That’s sad for me. Because not one of us are about one thing in our life nor should one part of our lives define us.

We are about animal rescue. That’s not changing. We are about putting our dogs first in our lives. That’s not changing. It has taken much effort and much planning and many wait lists to do this in a way easiest for them and fun. It’s been another factor to get a rental apartment or house to live in in Italy so that we can get a comfy space set up for them and safely and effectively transport them. These are not things we take lightly.

So today, we are praying and considering. Nathan is still clearing the path to the house for the engineer to look at it Monday. He is sleeping on the floor in an Italian school to save money. And we are discussing the specifics of how this will work or if it will not.

We share these experiences because we know that although each of us will have pivotal moments of change in our lives, we always should include our dogs and pets in those decisions…like any other member of our family. We also want you to know you are family. Some comments have really hurt. Some comments we needed to hear. Some comments have been positive. And we sure do appreciate that. We don’t have to agree on big life decisions. But we can all agree that family is family. And we love you.

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5 thoughts on “In Italy, Part Four

  1. Marcia Marcia

    Wishing you Peace and Clarity as you sift through all of the many details and pieces of information that present themselves to you daily. Even though you will not have all of your questions answered, may you have the important answers, the answers that will ease your mind, so you may ultimately go forward and make your best decision with confidence.

    Thank you for this daily blog peppered with bits of wisdom, helpful life lessons and uplifting messages, so deftly intertwined with delightful stories featuring Digby, Brickle and Fruitycake.

    You’ve actually been providing love and care for humans as well as countless deserving dogs!

    Cheers, love, and continuing support going out to you all.

    Marcia and ChicoBonBon

  2. Madonna Haigh

    Most of us just appreciate your sharing and thinking out loud. I have no idea what my decision would be in your place. And I’m not in your place! I wonder if some of the comments reflect the writer’s own concerns. Ultimately, we have confidence that you’ll make the best decision for the 4 of you.

  3. Marcia Gainer

    Please know that I am with you 100% in your decision to broaden your horizons and adventures to include a new part of our world. And that you are putting the doggies at the forefront of your adventures, is something that would speak to the hearts of every person subscribing to your blog.

    We are all a part of the WORLD…it is one world and I always say if we ask for blessings, we should ask them for EVERYONE. Not just our little familiar corner of it. If you are religious and believe in god, you must realize that the world was not created just for certain people, it was created for every person in every country of the world. And I believe that it follows, the purpose of the world was not for everyone to find fault with each other, but to celebrate each other! It’s not only the kind thing to do, but it makes for a much more joyful life for everyone…including yourself.

    There has been no other time in history where it has become so relevant that we all try to not only accept that the world is made up of an infinite variety of individuals who come from thousands of different places on this earth, but that we go further and relish the relatively small differences between human beings. The differences only become huge when you examine everyone (who didn’t happen to be born near you, or look like you, or even talk like you do) with a microscope. Anyone anywhere has flaws when one views with a microscope.

    I was fortunate to travel with my family to many different places of the world from a young age, so my horizons were broad from an early age. And I’m still working on being my best person more than 60 years later.

    In the next few years I plan to move also, a move that will require some doing; selling many favorite objects, etc., but mostly making sure my dear doggie companion will be able to travel without great anxiety or any dangers.

    Cheers and all Best Thought to You!!! If I could have I would have booked a space on your voyage…actually two spaces…I won’t ever leave my best buddy behind ♥️🐕

  4. Jacquelyn

    What are you going to do if the inspector says the house is not livable? If you try to fix this place so you can live in it you are not going to have any time to spend with animal rescuing or even your own dogs. You will spend every waking moment working on it and have you considered how much all this will cost? Wouldn’t it be a better idea to find a place in Italy that is move in ready if you have your heart set on living in Italy? If the inspector says it is not livable you should be able to get back the money you put down on it and put it down on another little house in Italy that is safer and move in ready. Just my thoughts. Have kept quiet but just needed to say something today. It could take years to make this place livable and a ton of money by the looks of it. Have you wondered why no one has lived in it for 21 years?❤️🐾🙏I am just so worried fir you all.

  5. Robin Farnell

    I just want things to be ok and safe for the dogs and you…. also we all have places we want to live and hope we all get to accomplish our dreams…
    Just want you all to be safe.🙂❤️🐾🐶

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