So Chipper

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. When you’ve been agonizing over a decision for so long, and you finally make it, it sure is a relief. Sure. You may not know if it was the right decision. But not making a decision is always wrong.

My persons try to think thru every decision. That’s sometimes good. But sometimes, it also holds them back. Going to the vet person yesterday was a decision that they had been putting off for years.

They didn’t want me to have to get a shot. Or a new microchip. But if we want to travel anywhere at all…even here, shots are a must. But at my age, it was hard for them to make that decision for me.

And that microchip? I guess mine is so old that the number isn’t long enough. Kind of like my corn dog tail. So I had to get another one.

But you know what? Getting a new microchip made me chipper. My persons still believe in me. My persons still think I have more adventures to live and to love. And now, I can go. Now I can get on that possible plane ride in January.

Some others as old as me may give up on the possibility of new adventures. But really, that’s all I know. That’s part of what makes me who I am. That’s part of me. And if that’s taken away, I’m not so chipper.

If there is something that makes you who you are, don’t let it change with age. Sure. You may need to make adjustments.

You may need to get a new microchip. You may need to get a shot. But not putting forth effort is like not making a decision. It’s never a good idea.

So do what makes you chipper. And be yourself. No matter what that number says.

Peanut Butter Brickle