Time And Tide Wait For No Dog

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. I am a traveling dog. I’m honored to have that privilege. I know that all dogs don’t have the opportunity to travel if they want to. And I’m appreciative. I didn’t always have the choice to travel.

Now that Brickle and I are going to that Italy place, we have an opportunity to travel in a way we haven’t tried before. I can’t say that I even knew we could do this…

Because I heard about riding in the bottom of the plane. And I’m scared about that. I don’t want to do that.

Brickle said he definitely didn’t want to do that either…

And the persons told us that unless Fruitycake and I can get to that Italy place safe and happy, we would not go at all. I appreciate that because that is the way it should be. No place is worth more than your dog. No place is worth moving to if you don’t make it there together. It’s as simple as that.

So. How are we all getting to that Italy place? By ship. A ship! Yes. A ship!

What happens is that we will drive to that New York place and get on the ship.

Queen Mary 2, Tuesday, May 17, 2016, at Brooklyn Cruise Terminal.

It takes a week to get to the England place. Then comes the next part of the adventure. We have to travel to that Italy place from there and that’s yet another story to come!

Im glad that Brickle and I get to be in big kennels with each other. And the persons can come visit us all day and walk us too. We can hang out almost all of the time except for a few hours.

I know it’s not the fastest way to get to that Italy place. And the persons had to save up to have this option.

I found out that we even have a special person called a Kennel Master to take care of us too.

Kennels photography for Cunard on board Queen Mary 2 in Southampton. Picture date: Sunday August 19, 2018. Photograph by Christopher Ison © 07544044177 chris@christopherison.com http://www.christopherison.com

We get our meals cooked. We get to pick what we want! But it’s not Girl Person’s cooking.

That’s disappointing. But we will be comfortable and not in the bottom of a plane. I know many of you were worried about that.

Ella Bean, a Yorkie mix, enjoys the remastered kennels on the Queen Mary 2, the only passenger liner to carry pets, Wednesday, July 6, 2016, at Brooklyn Cruise Terminal in New York, its U.S. homeport. The Queen Mary 2 spent 25 days in dry dock and a refit that cost in the region of $132 million, renovating its staterooms, restaurants and public areas. (Diane Bondareff/AP Images for Cunard)

But even though we are excited, we are still nervous. Because this is something none of us have done before.

Even if you want to do something sometimes, it’s sure hard to make yourself do it. You imagine things that could go wrong instead of all of the things that could go right.

Time and tide wait for no dog. Don’t let fear stop you from amazing things. Time will pass before you can do it if you hesitate. So come aboard with us!

Queen Mary 2, Tuesday, May 17, 2016, at Brooklyn Cruise Terminal.

When will we get on the ship? Well, that’s another story. For. Tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Fruitycake The Raccoon