He’s A Bit Of A Fixer Upper

This is Fruitycake. I’m not sure what the problem is. One minute I’m a good boy. The next minute, I’m barking at a free roaming baby with no leash.

I’m not particularly sure why there are so many things to bark at with so little time. That’s why I’m trying to make up for lost time. It’s just the persons aren’t too happy about that.

People with other dogs make a u-turn when they see me.

Dogs don’t like me barking at them. And yet, I keep doing it. Because I haven’t figured out why to stop. Brickle calls me a bit of a fixer upper.

I call me a louder barker.

Brickle says there was a time when him and Digby barked a lot too. There was a time when they tried to break out of fences and dog parks. There was a time when they hadn’t quite figured out that to be safe in the persons’ world, we had to hold in the barks sometimes. But when they did, Brickle said there was a lot to be said for peace.

The persons say that everyone is actually a fixer upper. And Girl Person said everyone is always a work in progress.

It’s when you don’t acknowledge you can improve, that’s when it’s dangerous.

When you need to improve, Brickle says the first thing to do is understand why you need to improve. Then, when you figure that out, you can start to make the improvements.

Brickle also says getting better can be fun.

The future holds much more possibilities when you make the work before you get to the future. I’m wiling to do that. But just like with you, I’m going to need your patience. Your encouragement.

But if you see me walking towards you, right now, I would walk the other way.

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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