He Found His Voice. Can I Give It Back?

This is Brickle. What a day I had yesterday. Fruitycake really fooled us. Apparently his act of innocence was an act. He’s a regular George Clooney. He deserves an an academy award.

The first couple days, we wondered if Fruitycake could even bark. Well. The joke was on us. He barks at kangaroos.

He barks at whoever he wants, whenever he wants.

I suppose that I should be glad he is coming out of his shell.

However, I would like to send him back to his shell for a few minutes a day. He found his voice. What’s the return policy? Can I send it back? I didn’t put that in my shopping cart.

I’ve had my share of barking companions over the years. In fact, I thought Digby took the cake.

Until Fruitycake.

I don’t even think Fruitycake knows why he is barking. But he doesn’t know what else to say. Girl Person says that’s the way she feels sometimes. She’s not good at conversation. So she just talks and that makes no sense. I prefer to be the strong and silent type. However, a few times yesterday, I had to get on to Fruitycake. It is my job to teach him. It’s my job to make him the best version of himself.

As his big brother now, I take that responsibility.

Have you ever said something you wished that you hadn’t said? You can’t take it back. And that’s what I’m trying to teach Fruitycake. Think before you speak and then think again. Don’t rush to judgment. Don’t rush to conclusions. Value yourself more than that.

Because you have the capability to understand others and observe before voicing your opinion. Your opinion matters. But the trick is to make it count.

Peanut Butter Brickle

We are headed to the Florida Keys this weekend! Stay tuned!

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