A Piece Of Cake

This is Brickle. Have you ever had to show someone the ropes? Where were you climbing to? I haven’t had to do that. But I did have to show Fruitycake what travel was like yesterday. He was not quite sure what was happening. And as tough as I am, a soft spot opened up in my heart for him. Because he thought we were going back to the shelter jail.

And I felt so bad that I HAD to tell him we weren’t going there. I told him I didn’t know where we WERE going. But he didn’t have to worry.

I’m not sure Fruitycake believed me though or maybe he just didn’t understand. The only car rides he had ever taken were not fun. Except for that freedom ride.

For the first hour of our trip, Fruitycake tried to relax. He tried to believe me. But all he could do was to keep staring at the persons. He was scared. I know how it is to be scared. And that’s not fun. I wanted this trip to be fun. So I suggested to the persons that we stop and take a break. I suggested we get out of the truck and get back in so that Fruitycake would know he would be with us forever once we got back in the truck. But first, Girl Person pulled out something special from her backpack. She had made us special fruitcake for our trip! Just for us!

Fruitycake didn’t hesitate to eat that cake, to get a drink of water and to get back in our air conditioned truck. He immediately relaxed. He went to sleep. We even cuddled in the back seat. And all was good again for Fruitycake.

We had a long, long drive to this Key Largo, Florida place. We sure did. But we’ve never been here all together before. It’s nice to go somewhere without memories to make us sad and happy and happy and sad. We miss Digby so much. I miss how we had a history together and understood each other. But now it’s my job to make sure Fruity knows we are a family. That will be a piece of cake.

If you can reassure someone today, do it. Be nice even if it’s hard. Because some day, you may be that someone who needs a piece of fruitcake too.

Peanut Butter Brickle

3 thoughts on “A Piece Of Cake

  1. Theresa Bates

    Well, Sheriff! You are the leader now, and you’ll have to be Fruitycake’s mentor and big brother. Show him the ropes, and make new memories with him. He seems to trust you and now he knows that getting in the truck doesn’t mean he’s going to shelter jail. It won’t be long before he realizes that when you hook your house on wheels to the back of that truck, you’re going on a new adventure. You’re doing a good job. Keep up the good work.


    I’m so glad you all embraced a new family member…..a beloved dog is never replaced, but you make room for someone new. Enjoy this new chapter.

  3. Susan Beth Espinoza

    I love you so much Brinkley you told such a wonderful story about fruitcake (I love the name

    I’m so happy you have fruitcake now and Brinkley you can make fruit cake have a wonderful new life like you and and DIGBY had

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