A Sea Of Sameness

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Where do you feel the safest? In your house? Around others you’ve known for a long time?

For me, I feel the safest in the unknown. Where I can think and where I can reason.

Camping all of the time can do that to you. You realize that staying still and remaining the same doesn’t feel good anymore.

I was looking at Fruitycake yesterday as he looked at the water for the first time. I was watching him when he tried spaghetti for the first time.

I was thinking how seeing him experience new things was amazing. I wondered. Would he have been happier in a regular house that didn’t move? We’ve been doing this so long, I was trying to reason about it.

A sea of sameness is the same. The same thing day after day. The same thing doesn’t help me to be better. It helps me to be more rested. Sure. But in the long run, what helps me more? You can drown in the sea of sameness. You can drown treading water and going nowhere.

I choose to move. And I hope Fruitycake feels the same.

Because he was a stray Doggo, he sure is used to moving. But just moving doesn’t equate to happiness. You have to appreciate each spot. You have to look at yourself and see how it makes you better. Like this beautiful park we are at in this Florida place now.

And then you wonder where else you can go. Because there is always somewhere else to go. There is always something to learn at that somewhere.

If something doesn’t work for you in your life, change it. Move. Swim. The sea of sameness is more dangerous than the unknown. You can do it.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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