The Power Of A Campfire

This is Digby Pancake. There is power in many things. Words. Looks. Just ask Brickle.

But there’s also power in things you may not necessarily think of. Like a campfire. Oh, I love campfires.

I never really realized how much I loved campfires until yesterday.

The persons were with us all day. And we got to just sit and be together while we watched the campfire. It was so magical. So beautiful. So needed. It was better than any prescription for me.

I don’t know how long it will take me to get better. I don’t know. I’m trying but the trying is taking a long time.

What I’m realizing more than ever is that the little things help the most. The little things mean more as we get older because we notice them more.

We notice them more because maybe we are slower. Maybe we realize that the bad things in the world are many. But the good things like a campfire have more power than the bad.

If you’re feeling bad, set an atmosphere of goodness.

Good smells and good foods and good music and good thoughts. Let the power of good make you better.

Digby Pancake

We will be going to that Georgia place tomorrow for a change of scenery and smells for four days. Stay tuned.

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