The Smorgasbord

This is Peanut Butter Brickle.  Have you ever ate so much that you popped a button?  I am not telling secrets. But after spaghetti night this weekend, someone named Boy Person lost a button.  But it didn’t come from me.

What did from me was an appetite.  You see, the persons have been trying to get Digby Pancake to eat.  To eat anything at all.

And even though they are vegan, there is no meat that is safe at any grocery store anywhere in our path. You will not believe this. But they have even bought dog food.

Now, I am one to be picky. But not in this situation.  I don’t have time to be picky when there is a smorgasbord in front of me and Digby every day.  One day, Boy Person bought every steak, every liver, every chicken cutlet available at one store.

The next day, he loaded up the truck with hotdogs.  Rotisserie chicken that he had to go to three stores to find.  He even bought something called tripe.  I don’t know what that is other than delicious. It has all been very delicious.

Yes, a smorgasbord is what has happened to our house on wheels.  And you can bet that we are trying to do whatever it takes for our Digby Pancake.  He is not ready to give up.  And we are not ready to give up on him.  So today, we are moving campsites again to try and get him interested in even more new smells.

We have met so many kind persons in the campgrounds lately who stop to kiss and hug Digby.  We had a neighbor grill him a hamburger.

We had many persons stop us to simply tell Digby he was a good boy.  And even though I am used to all of the attention for my looks, I would gladly give anything I had to help Digby.

Truth is, and I always tell the truth, we are worried.  We are scared.  We want this to all be a bad dream.  But the fact is, we don’t have time to for any of that.

We have got to figure out what to do.  And we are trying.  We are trying it all.  If love was a smorgasbord, there would be every flavor available for Digby Pancake.  We hope he takes a bite.

-Peanut Butter Brickle

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One thought on “The Smorgasbord

  1. Bobbi Hatler

    My heart breaks for you and your little family as you experience this stage of your dogs’ lives. They’re older and will encounter medical issues. My first whippet, Valerie, was the love of my life. Ears too big for show competition, she was perfect for me. Eventually she developed Cushings, but even with medication, one organ after another just wore out. When her liver started to fail, Valerie, stopped eating her food, and I worked hard to get anything down her. If she stole my lunch, I didn’t complain. Her favorite of my lunches was a Turkey plain Turkey sandwich on a bagel. I could never eat one of those again.
    Just try to get Digby to eat, healthy if possible. I used an appetite stimulant that comes in a paste. I just placed a little on the nose. Some also have extra calories. I’m sure a vet can advise one that’s healthy without a lot of sugar.
    I’ll be praying for you. You give Digby a good life and I’m sure he feels safe and loved. Remember that.

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