Let Me Tell You About My Best Friend

This is Digby Pancake.  I am happy to talk to you today.  But I am not feeling good, so I can’t write a long dog blog.  But sometimes you have to make an extra effort for the ones you love.  And I love you.  Just like I know you love me.  And I know my persons love me.  And I definitely know that Brickle loves me.

Who is your best friend?  Let me tell you about mine.

Although I have been getting most of the attention and time from everyone lately, Brickle hasn’t been upset about it.  Brickle is patient.  Loving.  Kind.  He waits for me when we walk very, very slow. And he tells me all of the time in his own Brickle ways that he loves me.

If your best friend told your secrets, would you be happy about it?  I guess it depends on the secrets.  But lately, I have realized that in my life, I have told Brickle some of my secrets.  Maybe he hasn’t told you that my middle name is not Pancake because I love pancakes.  Did you know the shelter people told me I would always have “pancakes” back there and Girl Person thought it was funny.  I don’t know if Brickle has told you about that.

I think Brickle has kept my secrets pretty good all of these years.  And so I want to come clean.  That’s my second secret.  I hate being clean.  I would rather roll in anything stinky, smelly and lovely than take a bath any day of the week or month or year.

My smell is my secret power.  No one can resist it.

My last secret that I want to tell you today is that I want to be here.  I want to travel more.  I want to be with my best friend, Brickle.  He is the best brother and the best friend anyone could ask for.  He protects me, he looks out for me, he simply is there.  And sometimes, that is enough.

Let me tell you about my best friend.  All you need to know is that thru it all…all the shelters we have been to, all the miles we have traveled, all the scary parts and the happy parts and the ordinary day parts, I can’t imagine a day without my brother who is as strong as the tiger he thinks that he is.

It is hard to fight right now.  But as I have always done, I look to Brickle for strength and encouragement.  I look to the persons to help me in person ways, and I look for you.  You.  I need you too. Especially now.

I have talked to you and written to you every day since 2011.  And you’ve been here.  You have loved me.  And that is enough.  Are you one of my best friends too?  Yes.  Yes, you are.  Let me tell you about you.  I appreciate you.  I am so happy you are here.

-Digby Pancake

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5 thoughts on “Let Me Tell You About My Best Friend

  1. Jane

    Oh, Digby, I’m so glad you have a friend like PB Brickle. Everyone needs a good friend like that, and I’m sure he is helping you a lot when you’re not feeling well. I love hearing about your adventures, and i hope they continue for a long time yet..

  2. Susan Beth Espinoza

    Digs your letter was beautifully written. I love you so much I pray so hard for you to get well and feel better are you still having your pancakes? If not maybe girl persons will make you one ok try and get some sleep and have wonderful sweet dreams love you💚

    1. Goldy Austen

      Praying for you Digby,that you may be comfortable and get to spend more time with your brother and friend Brickle and your parents 🥰

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