Two Way Traffic

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. It’s true that I haven’t been traveling as long as Brickle has. Not even close.

But I actually see things on our travels that my persons and Brickle don’t see. Everything is relatively new to me.

So I notice more and I appreciate more. And I don’t take anything for granted. I try to figure it all out. And there is a lot to figure out.

The most obvious part to me about travel and life…both of them…is that there is a two way street. Traffic. Two way traffic.

One individual is coming. One individual is going. Someone wants to go where you have been. And you are going where someone else is.

That says to me that what makes some happy is what someone else leaves behind. It doesn’t make any choice or place or decision less than the other. It’s what each of us need and want at a certain time.

As we were sitting by the river in this Georgia place yesterday, we saw deer and birds and even a hummingbird. It was a beautiful day.

And then we thought about that Italy place.

And how beautiful it is there. And how someone there may want to be here. And we want to be there.

But they each are wonderful. And it’s a good thing that places don’t move. They are there when we are ready to go there. And when we leave, they are there for someone else.

Brickle says he has traveled many places and he usually only remembers hellos and excitement over a new beginning. He doesn’t get sad to leave somewhere because he’s leaving it for someone else to enjoy and see it for the first time.

Life is a two way street. There is two way traffic at all times.

We are all going somewhere. We are all leaving somewhere. Take a moment to appreciate we have a choice. The earth is big and beautiful and has enough room for us all.

Once you appreciate our earth and all it’s places, think of the faces too. The ones who we find when we need them.

The ones who rely on us. Life. Love. Friendship. Two way traffic. Don’t just pass each other by.

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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