The Day The Vulture Asked For Help

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Have you ever needed help? Like for something so big that you were afraid to ask?

I have needed help before. And it’s hard for me to ask. Because most of the time, I act strong. But as I get older, I realize that there are pivotal moments in our life that we must ask for help.

As we were going to go for a walk yesterday, we were driving to the park. And Boy Person slowed down when he thought that he saw a vulture asking for help. I know that you may think a vulture wouldn’t ask. But he was in a bad situation with cars flying by and no one caring. He was limping and trying to get up, but he just could not. And it was up to us. No one else seemed to care at all.

So the persons tried their best to help him. Girl Person called a wildlife place. And they told her where to take him.

Just about that time, a police officer pulled up and stopped traffic so that the persons would be ok. He didn’t ask many questions. Good thing.

And they got Vincent the Vulture in the car.

And we drove for a long time to get to the animal hospital. It seemed like a super long drive with a vulture in the car.

But I’m sure the ride seemed much longer for Vincent. He had to leave family. He had to wonder if he was safe and going to be helped.

He had to wonder if he was ever going to see his family again. I know how he feels.

I’ve felt that way too. I was separated from my fur brother and sister when we were taken to a shelter. And I have to say, I wonder about them many times.

But I know that we all ended up where we should have. Because of people that cared.

And it was our responsibility to care for Vincent the Vulture. And it was actually every other car that drove by and ignored him that didn’t care about their responsibility. Don’t be like that. It’s so easy to do when you feel like what you have going on is too important to care.

I can assure you it’s not as important as a life like Vincent.

The day the vulture asked for help was a terrible one for the vulture. But Girl Person said when she looked at him and told him she was trying to help, his kind eyes said thank you.

He accepted help. We all need to accept help. And offer it when we can.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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