Why Is Flying With My Large Dog Such A Problem?

There have many things over the years that have frustrated me as a dog parent with a large pup or two! The price of large dog beds. The weight restrictions placed on dogs over a certain size at campgrounds, hotels and more.

I can tell you this, my large dog is less active and well behaved than many small dogs. I love small dogs and I am happy that they are allowed in so many places. But I feel a bit jealous and overwhelmed at the rules and extra fees I have to pay.

We recently decided to buy a little house we could afford in another country.

I knew right away that I would not subject my dogs to flying in cargo. One of my dogs is 14 and my other dog is just recently adopted.

I was super excited to find out about the Queen Mary 2 ship that sailed from New York to Europe. And so we booked tickets for our dogs and got on the waiting list. Because of their sizes, they each had to pay for two kennels…not just a pet dog price. However, after reevaluating the length of this trip on our senior, we decided to cancel.

So now what are our other options? We have one. One option. Small dogs can fly on many airlines in the cabin with you. IF they can fit underneath your seat. That’s not happening for us! Again, big dogs…no. So then we heard about a new airline for dogs and their people. But what’s the catch? The price is dependent on the size of the pup. One person can purchase a ticket and fly with up to 2 small dogs. Or one person can buy a ticket and fly with one large dog. We have two large dogs. So you guessed it. Two tickets. Double the price.

I know that my dogs’ safety is worth so much more than the price of a ticket. And we will find a way. Our dogs deserve that. But pricing for larger dogs needs to change. It’s been unfair long enough. It is my hopes that we can start to be the change for large dogs who need to go with their persons to another country and not be healthy enough for cargo. Big dogs deserve options too. We have plans to make this change. But we need your help. You can contribute below.