Mooooove Along

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. You know…sometimes…I’m just not in the mood. In fact, when I’m like that, perhaps it’s best that you moooove along.

Yes. Even I admit that I am pretty tired of this lump monster in my mouth.

I don’t like the way it looks. I don’t like the way it smells.

It’s pretty much on the top of my moooove along list.

I see nothing wrong with being exasperated sometimes. When you’ve been dealt a problem or a hardship, you look how to make it get better.

Or you better just moooove along. Sometimes, you have to.

Next week, I am supposed to get this lump monster dealt with. Wednesday is the day. And right now, I am having good days and not so good days. I forget it’s there and then Girl Person puts medicine on it. And I remember.

Right now too, this Florida place is getting so hot. I don’t like the heat.

So as soon as I am feeling good after the surgery, we need to head north. Yes. I know it’s wishful thinking I’m going to feel better that quick. But if you don’t have wishful thinking, you’re missing out. Because it can inspire you to accomplish what you want to.

One thing that I don’t wish would move along is the love I have felt from you. All the love and care and concern have made me want to get better. I wish everyone had that love all of the time.

I really do. Because imagine if we could all be encouraged when we need to be? Be that for someone else today. Let love stay. Tell negativity to moooove along.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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3 thoughts on “Mooooove Along

  1. Debbie

    Praying that everything goes well when you get the lump monster taken care of. I don’t blame you for wanting to leave that Florida place; I don’t like it when it gets hot either. The weather has been really nice up here in Southern Maryland where I live. Love you.

  2. Jacquelyn

    I am praying and hoping for you to get through this Brickle. I wish you didn’t have to wait so long for the surgery to happen. I can’t believe the vets are making you wait and not just getting you in right away. I love you sweetheart and my heart hurts for you and Fruitycake and your persons. You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. ❤️🐾😥💔🙏

  3. Robin Farnell

    Aww feel better sweet Brickle, still sending 💖 and 🙏 for you each day. Crystal the beagle has to start some new meds today hope she doesn’t fight me to much. Of course will mix it in with a snack. One RX helped for the protein in her kidneys, but then side effect anemic so a iron pill for that….at 16 she still loves her day to day shenanigans……🙂🐾🐕‍🦺
    Prayers for you and Fruitycake

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