Go With The Flow

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. One thing I’ve learned in my 14 years is that some things never stay the same. Whether you want them to or not.

Then there are things that do stay the same. And you don’t want them to. Sometimes time stands still and sometimes time flies.

I guess what I’m saying is that we can’t control anything.

So what happens when you can’t control something? You just have to go with the flow. You try your best to get the results you want.

And you work hard. But you also realize that sometimes we have to change course.

Or we have to take longer to get there. But we can’t give up. No one wants to float forever.

Our persons are still talking to lawyers. And all kinds of other stuff. The time we have to get all of this done is not enough time it seems like.

But we steer ahead. Our little rescue house is still there waiting for us.

And I won’t let it down. We won’t let it down.

We all need each other.

Whenever we forgot why we are doing this and we want to give up, we talk about how we felt when we started RV travel. It was scary too. We questioned ourselves and our abilities.

But it led us to where we are now. And then. Who knows where going with the flow will take us.

If you feel like you’re fighting to survive, I know the feeling. Fruitycake does too. But when you think you can’t go on, remember that you matter. You matter to us. You matter to me. And so take a breath and go with the flow. Let’s see what good things happen to you. They will.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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