Strangers And Friends

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. It was a good weekend. We had a lot to do. Well, the persons did. They are doing a lot of thinking. And a lot of doing. And it’s tiring me out.

But Brickle suggested to them that they take a few hours off. He said that he needed a break too.

So since we are where they know old friends, they said some persons and their furkid were going to come over. I didn’t think too much about it. But the closer the time came, I got nervous. This was my home. This was my bed.

This was my dinner. These were my persons. And it seemed strange to me. Strange that the persons called them friends. And I called them strangers.

When they got to our house on wheels, I met Tank. He was very big. He was very young. And he was very energetic.

Brickle got on to him many times. And it was fun to watch. Brickle is a pro. That I know. But Tank was too busy being young and happy than to listen to Brickle. This went on for awhile. I grumbled and made my point clear that Brickle was my brother.

And if anyone was gonna be told what to do, I wanted it to be me. So I acted up. And this went on for many more hours.

When it was time for dinner, Girl Person had made us all our own burgers and sweet potato fries.

And the persons had a campfire. And everyone acted like they truly had a good time.

Even us dogs who didn’t know each other a few hours before had a good time.

When I was a stray dog on the streets, everyone was a stranger. But until they proved otherwise, they were also my friend. I had to try and trust. Because not taking a risk with your heart means you’ll never have a reward of the heart.

Eventually, one of those stranger friends took me to a shelter where it meant I had a chance at a family who would be my best friends.

It was all a risk. But now. It was worth it. I suppose that’s how I felt when Tank and his family left that night. It was risky for me to share my home. It was risky to make a new friend. But now, Tank is not a stranger. He is a friend. One day he may feel like family.

Isn’t that how we should view everyone in the world until they prove otherwise?

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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