That’s The Pits

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. When I think of pits, I think of peaches and their pits. You know, my nickname is Fruity, after all.

I love peaches, but you can’t eat the pits. As delicious peaches l are, the pits are a big nope.

People are like that to me too. I love people. All kinds of people. Big and little people and kid people and old people. There are as many people to love as there are fruits to love.

But when they are mean or unkind, that’s as hard for me to take as a peach pit. Especially when I hear them talking about my friend Tank who is also called a pit. But he’s not the pits to me. He is a friend.

No matter what people call him.

He is my friend no matter what names people have made up for him.

I think people like labels. They love to put labels on everything so that they remember what it is.

But what good is a label if that’s all you see? You can put a label on a box with donuts inside and still label it pizza. If you only read the label, it’s sure to be a surprise. Unless you were expecting pizza donuts.

We have been getting to know our friend Tank. He’s very big in size. As you can imagine by his name. But he is also big in heart. He is less than a year old. And he has so much to learn. But I truly hope that others and their labels of him don’t mold who he is.

When people expect things out of us, it’s hard to put that aside. You have to work thru it. No one had expectations of me as a stray dog in the past. They didn’t even give me my own name in the shelter. So I made my own name.

I made my own way. And I hope Tank’s opinion of himself outweighs people’s negative opinion of his Breed.

I like travel because it helps me think and reason for myself. I get to learn about someone or something or a place.

And with knowledge, I can either make room in my heart or move on. So don’t take others and their knowledge as the truth. Find out for yourself.

And keep the labels on the donuts. Take my word for it.

-Fruitycake The Raccoon

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One thought on “That’s The Pits

  1. Robin Farnell

    Good morning Brickle and Fruitycake GP BP and your new friend Tank. Yes people do label us, Crystal the beagle at 1 week from being 16 , aw she is an OLD pup. Yes her colors may have changed from Brown to white beige but she is still enjoying every day. We go places she does have a stroller for long walks but she still can run to her food bowl or run to the door to go outside so don’t count her out….. as her mom I get labeled too, crazy old dog lady, but I don’t care she is family and we love her. So you have fun with new people new friends that is what life is about 🐕‍🦺🐾🙂❤

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