Broke But Not Broken

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. I thought that I had it hard when I was a stray dog. And I suppose I did. Trying to find my basic necessities every day took all of my time.

But now, watching persons that have more stuff than I did, I see that sometimes convenience causes you a lot of inconvenience. Sometimes, having less is a blessing in disguise. Sometimes, the more stuff you have, the more problems you have. Like the problems we are having right now.

The Big Barking Biscuit Buggy RV decided it was gonna snap. Crackle. Pop.

As we pulled into our campsite on Monday night, it became obvious that something had broken underneath. And that we couldn’t and wouldn’t be going anywhere until we got it fixed.

Now, the persons said that in years past, this sort of news would have devastated them. But they have learned that you do your best. You stay calm. And you don’t overreact.

But they said it took years to learn this. They said you can be broke. But you don’t have to be broken.

I thought about this and I asked Brickle what that meant. He said that you will always have problems in life. There will always be something broken. But you don’t have to let it break you.

I can tell that I have a lot to learn in my new life. But I think my family can learn from me too. Because you see, problems are guaranteed. Our reaction to those problems are something we can control.

Just like my allergies, I can’t let them define who I am. And your problems don’t define you.

Stay tuned as we try to figure out this situation we are in! We can’t move until we do. So park it. It may be awhile.

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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