The Million Pretty Pine Cones

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. After the day we had yesterday traveling, I’m not up for a lot of words. But I am up for a lot of pine cones.

Many places where we camp, we see a lot of pine cones. Hundreds. Maybe even millions. Some have fallen from the trees. Some are on the trees. Some are young. Some are old.

I never thought I would I have to learn so much being a camping, traveling dog. But the lessons never stop.

And it’s a good thing we are reminded that we never should stop learning. No matter where we are in our life. Because you are somewhere…right now…wherever that is, that someone else will never see. Someone may never actually get to see a pinecone.

Do you stop and appreciate things where you are? Even if there are a million pine cones? Even if there are a million trees?

Yes. Everything special is special and deserves to be appreciated. Our world is a wonderland!

There are millions of people. Millions of dogs. What if no one saw us for who we are? Wouldn’t that be sad?

Some may never know…until now…that one of Peanut Butter Brickle’s suggested names was Pine Cone. Now you know.

But I think that just maybe, just like there are millions of peanut butter cookies, millions of pine cones and millions of dogs, there is only one Peanut Butter Brickle! And there is only one of you. Don’t ever feel like you are lost in a crowd. We see you. And you can too. Just look in the mirror and see how special you are.

Just like the pine cone, when you fall, you can spring to new life! Is now your time?

Deputy Digby Pancake

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The Green Pepper

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Oh, I’m spicy. This you know. If I was a taco, I’d be a spicy taco.

If I was a plate of black beans and rice, I’d be a plate of spicy black beans and rice.

If I was a hot dog, oh, I’d be a spicy, yummy hot dog with spicy mustard. And that’s spicy.

And you might think that if I was a pepper, I would be a spicy pepper. But you would be wrong. I’d be a green pepper.

A mild, green pepper. Calm. Cool. With a lot of flavor. I’m always a bundle of surprises. I’m smooth like that.

Girl Person usually likes her peppers spicy though. However, in some places we travel to, they are hard to find. She did find some green bell peppers at the store, and decided she could use those for her recipes. She bought two. But she also bought a lot of other stuff. And by the time she got home and unloaded all the groceries, she was tired. Absent minded. And she didn’t look twice in the back seat to see if she had forgot anything. But, oh she did. A week ago.

For a week, this green pepper has been to numerous states. Numerous campgrounds. This pepper drove with us, listened to us sing in the car. And not once did this pepper complain. Because it wasn’t spicy. It was cool. Calm.

But even cool and calm green peppers can get impatient a week later and start to make a stink. This weekend, as Boy Person came home from yet another laundry adventure, he locked his keys in the car. He locked our only set because we lost the other set who knows where, who knows what state. Boy Person was perplexed. Should he unzip the old car top? It’s broke, temperamental and spicy. But he had to. And as he finally got the door open and keys retrieved, there the green pepper sat, just waiting to be discovered. Did the green pepper lock the keys in the car? I guess we will never know. But yes.

You see, we all have our limits. Our breaking points. A time when we may start to stink things up because we haven’t spoke our minds. There is a time to be cool and calm like the green pepper. But if we have to speak up, we should. Don’t wait. No one will hear you if you don’t say it. Wait too long and it may be too late to change anything. Because it surely was for the green pepper. There’s a time to be spicy, even if you’re not. Now. I could go for some stuffed bell peppers with rice. Think peanut butter would go good with that?

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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