Planting A Seed For Your Dog’s Tomorrow

This post is sponsored by Pet Releaf. However, all opinions are our own after over 5 years of using their products.

I enjoy taking care of my dogs. I love learning more about their health, their personalities and spending as much time with them as possible.

After losing Digby at the end of last year, I know more than ever that everything we do for our dogs affects them. What we feed them, what products we use for them, their environment and stress levels all matter.

I’ve dealt with a lot of guilt since losing Digby last year. The “what if’s” still haunt me. And I imagine that they will for a long time. Others tell me that this is normal. But it doesn’t lessen my guilt. But there is one thing I don’t feel guilty about. And that is the quality of life and the extra days that the products from Pet Releaf gave him. I don’t take saying this lightly.

Digby’s memory means more to us than anything. And his legacy of being able to help other dogs means that it is our responsibility to tell you when we rarely find products that are quality, valuable and meaningful to you and your dog.

That is why we are partners with Pet Releaf.

There are many pet products with CBD. But the information may seem overwhelming and confusing. Pet Releaf makes everything simple and straightforward on their website. And they have real people who can help you pick the right products. But really, the most important thing to know about Pet Releaf is how their products are grown, why it is important that the ingredients are organic. And that they control the entire process from the time the seeds are planted to the time it goes to your dog!

“We align with regenerative, organic farms that practice reduce, reuse, and recycle principles for a gentler approach to sustainable farming. With regenerative agriculture, the farmers are not just sustaining the current land resource, but they are improving what is there, leaving it better for future generations. The approach to regenerative farming starts with conservation and rehabilitation which focuses on topsoil regeneration. This includes increasing biodiversity, improving water cycle, and increasing resilience to climate change. In return, this can strengthen the health and vitality of the farm soil.

We promote water security, cleanliness, and improve operational water-use efficiency in our agricultural supply chain in high water-risk areas. Our regenerative farmers now use 86% less water when they made the switch to organic hemp farming compared to the organic corn silage that was previously the main crop in the field. Through our vertical partnership, it has allowed our extraction partner to build their state-of-the-art extraction facility on the farmland itself. This saves significant greenhouse gas emissions by eliminating the need to transport the hemp biomass to another location.”

It matters because your dog matters the most to you! You want to know that the CBD products you give her are safe, effective and grown responsibly.

We also need to know that the products we use are not harming the environment. Because that environment and our earth is what our dogs love! It all goes hand in hand and paw in paw!

“Since the beginning, Pet Releaf has made it their goal to practice sustainability throughout the entire manufacturing process. On our mission to change what healthy means for pets, we only want to deliver the highest quality, all-natural products to benefit your pet companion’s overall wellness. This mission starts with where the hemp is grown all the way to the end consumer, your pets. From seed to sale, from plant to pet, we operate in a sustainable manner every step of the way.”

We all try to do our best for our dogs. But the simple fact of the world we live in is that our time is limited. Many days, I don’t have time to research as much as I would like to on companies. That is why I love Pet Releaf so much.

I know who started the company. I know that they know the entire process of their products from the time the seed is planted. They know their farmers. They know the businesses that sell their products. And they even love our dogs.

The last piece of confidence for me is that they care about the environment and how their products play a part in making it better…not worse.

We are proud to say that many of our ingredients are sourced as Certified Organic. Some of our ingredients are also sourced from companies that prevent deforestation of sensitive geographies, such as rainforests. We also source sustainable, plant-based ingredients where and whenever available. Most of all inputs, ingredients, and packaging in our supply chains are sourced locally in Colorado to help reduce greenhouse gases that result from heavy diesel trains and tractor-trailers.”

So when you are considering a CBD product for you dog or cat, please know we have used their products for Brickle, Digby, and now Fruitycake. We have witnessed the difference in situational anxiety, joint health, mobility, stamina and overall well-being. We have tested their products in all of our travels. That is the best endorsement we can give to you and your pet. Plant a seed for your dog’s best today and tomorrow with Pet Releaf.

And remember to use coupon code 2TD at to save 20% off of your entire order.

This blog post is sponsored by Pet Releaf. We received compensation for this post, however, all opinions are our own.

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