Sorry, I Can Not Sign A Release

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. I’m learning that this world is a lot more complicated than what I thought. I was just trying to find food and somewhere to sleep when I was on my own. But I am now in a world that is easier yet harder.

I’m in a world that is complicated. Like when I was asked to sign a release. And I don’t even know how to read what I’m signing.

Yes. That’s right. We have been doing a lot of sight seeing in this New York place. And we have loved, loved, loved, and loved the falls so much.

But we also have been hiking and visiting other places. One place was an old fort as the persons tell me. And we were thinking about going inside the fort. But the persons just assumed dogs were not allowed. Until she asked. And they said sure. As long as you sign a release.

Girl Person looked at the map of the park and the hiking trails. She looked at where Brickle might be able to see the water since he likes that. And then she thought about that release.

Boy Person and Girl Person thought about it. And thought about it for half a second more. Sure. Brickle is always on his best behavior. After all, he went to charm school from the moment he was born. In fact, he started it.

But me? I’m still learning. I haven’t been to charm school. Im Fruity.

So the persons thought maybe instead of putting more pressure on me, we would be casual and see the water. And the trails. And the lighthouse. There was a lot more to see. Where I could be me.

I’m not saying that I shouldn’t be well behaved. But you know, sometimes, you just don’t want to do what someone expects of you! Sometimes you want to be where you don’t have to sign any release but to live up to your own standards.

If you’re Fruity like me, don’t change. Don’t change for anyone. Don’t sign a release if you don’t want to or if it doesn’t feel right. No one and nothing is worth that.

When you are yourself, and others see that, they feel like they can be themselves too.

Today, we are back on the road and headed to Watkins Glen, New York. But we still have a lot of footage and videos of the falls we have been working on for you! Stay tuned!

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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