The Next Part

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. A new season is here. It is fall. The leaves are falling in this New York place.

It is chilly. And it’s been raining a lot. But just a few days ago, it was sunny. Sunshiney was around. And I got to lay in the sun with Fruitycake. I didn’t think about cold weather coming.

Now it is fall. And although it is beautiful to me, I overheard the persons talking about what was next. Winter. And it seems to match their mood lately. One second I see them happy and optimistic. The next, they seem down. Wondering what is next. They can never maintain their happiness.

I see many persons do this. They get their hopes up in life and only see one way to be happy. They get disappointed when life doesn’t go as planned. Instead of thinking that maybe what they get to do next is even better. They don’t try to be flexible and find a path to happiness when it goes off course from what they think should happen.

When you are happy and excited, don’t wonder when it will be over. Don’t wonder what could go wrong. Don’t worry about the next part. It will happen. Winter may come. But so will Spring after that.

It’s up to you to change course and get to where you need to be. Don’t give up.

The next part may be better than you ever imagined.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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  1. Marinell deGraffenreid

    This is the first time I ever received this format from you. Is this a change? I’m used to getting things with a lot of Instagram links in it. Everything looks great by the way.

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