That Day Was A Bit Scary

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. Yesterday was a bit scary. I have no frilly words to start the blog. Other than it’s gonna take us a few days for it to sink in how fortunate we were. And how fortunate we are.

We thought the worst part of our day yesterday was going to the vet Person. It was a far drive. We were tired of moving campsites so much. But right as we were about to leave, we heard a big crack. And there it was. A tree. A tree had fallen on our RV.

The good news is that it didn’t do too much damage. And no one was hurt. So off we went to the vet person. The persons were talking about some waterfalls we are gonna visit. And that’s when it happened.

All of a sudden, I’m the blink of an eye, a big cement truck slammed on brakes. A dump truck was right behind us. And another one of those big trucks was beside us. There was nowhere to go. Not much we could do. And within inches and squealing tires, somehow, we made it. The truck and Boy Person stopped us in time. Somehow. I can’t say that I have ever been more scared or have I seen the persons like that. Life can be taken away in the blink of an eye, I am learning.

Was it a good day for you? What would you have changed? It’s time.

We were all shaken up and what we thought would be the worst part of our day, the vet person, well, we were thankful to have made it there. We found out that I have allergies. And that I probably always will.

But getting out of heat and bugs in this Florida place will help.

The sooner the better so I can feel better. And there’s no time to waste.

That day, yesterday, was a very scary day. Scary to think of what may have happened. Thankful for more time. Excited to see how we can use that time.

Unforeseen circumstances happen to us all. Some more serious than others. Take what extra time you have to do what you want to. What you need to. What you should do.

Fruitycake The Raccoon

Did you know that we have written this dog blog every weekday thru the eyes of our dogs since 2011? Yes. It’s because we love you and we need you just as much as you need us. Come back every weekday for a new blog! Thanks for being here.

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5 thoughts on “That Day Was A Bit Scary

  1. MIreader

    Come to the Great Lakes– beaches, breezes, lots of places to park an RV, fewer bugs.
    As the t-shirts say: “No Salt, No Sharks, No Problem!”

  2. Our Buddy of 13 years, passed a year ago, had allergies the biggest culprit was chicken, when we adopted him he was stinky, even after trips to the groomer, who was amazing, she bought different products for him, ❣️ The trainer we took him to suggested we remove chicken from his diet, do you know how many things use chicken, even flavors that don’t seem like there would be chicken in it, medication even. Our vet was so amazing, Buddy started a new medication and became stinky again, called the vet, she researched it and chicken was used to make it easier to give to our pets, luckily she found the same stuff without chicken. Buddy was a champ at taking his meds, we could toss a pill and he would catch it and swallow it down, so easy. Fruitycake so glad your all safe and now that your peeps know what your problem is your on your to being the comfortable.

  3. Jacquelyn

    What a terrible day you had for sure! So glad you are all safe! People are crazy out there on the highways. I will be glad when you get out of Florida. I truly think it will help your allergies Fruitycake. Please all of you be careful and stay safe. I heard you were leaving this Thursday for a new place. I love you guys! Have a better day today and stay out of all the greenery Fruitycake and try and stay away from the bugs!💞🐾🙏

  4. Linda Horn

    Mercury Retrograde until 6/2. Buckle up, focus and don’t sign any contracts. GP: research that. Good luck out there! Xxx

  5. Robin Farnell

    Thank goodness Fruitycake that you all are ok. Yes driving in traffic is very stressful. Hopefully you all can get to your next destination safely and cooler dryer climate for those pesky allergies… Yes make it a good day

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