What Good Is The Warmth Of Summer, Without The Cold Of Winter To Give It Sweetness?

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Persons say a lot of things. Things that make sense. Things that don’t. Things that make you think. Things that make you not want to think. Things that they think are important.

But recently I heard someone say something about appreciating summer more because there is a winter. And I wondered if winter was really necessary to appreciate summer. Especially if you don’t like it.

Do you appreciate the good times only because you’ve experienced bad times? If you had a choice, would you leave the bad times out? I would. But many persons say they would do it all again. How do you feel?

I suppose that some persons can’t appreciate the good they have until it’s too late. Once summer is over, I wish it was here again. But it’s gone without me thanking it.

Do you appreciate what you have in the moment? Think about your life without it.

I think all of us have a different perspective and a different narrative on life.

Just like we can’t tell someone else what they should appreciate, they can’t tell us. We all go thru different seasons at different times. The secret is to appreciate the good times when you are in them. Don’t wait to be reminded of how good you have it when you’re going thru hard times.

For months, I knew my time with Digby was short. But those last weeks would not have been enough to make up for all the other years we were together. We loved each other and lived life to the full in our season of strength and youth. It was those times we drew on when we talked late at night. We had the memories because we made them. We had fun in the moment. And we even appreciated the moments then. More than when he was sick? Yes.

Appreciate your summer in the summer and don’t wait until winter.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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