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This is Peanut Butter Brickle. I really don’t know where to start today. I seemed to be overwhelmed with emotions. I’m happy. I’m sad. I’m everything. Just like all of the dog breeds that make up me.

When the persons told me that we were welcoming another family member into the RV, at first I was happy because I’ve been lonely. Then I felt bad because I felt happy. Then I got worried because I wasn’t sure if another dog would like me. Then I worried another dog would like me. All mixed emotions. And it all comes down to the fact I miss Digby very bad. And the persons do too.

We probably would never be ready to love so deeply again. I don’t know if we can love so deeply again. I know we will never love the same again. And that’s the fact. But it is also a fact that “This Dog” needed us just as much as we needed him. No one gave him a name. They only called him “This Dog”. And out of over 600 dogs at that one shelter, we chose him and he chose us.

Boy Person decided that Fruitycake The Raccoon was his name. Not “This Dog”. But even before we adopted Fruitycake, he had value even though no one named him. His value was his own worth. And after over a month in the shelter and being a stray for who knows how long, he still knew his worth. He tried. He survived.

I will tell you a few facts to start today about Fruitycake The Raccoon. The facts about these facts is that no one really knows the correct facts.

1. Fruitycake The Raccoon was supposedly one year and one month old last week. When we looked at his papers it was changed to 5 years old. So he is now between 1-5 years old.

2. No one knows why Fruitycake was brought to the shelter jail on December 24th. But he’s been there ever since. There are also 600 more dogs there now. If you are looking to adopt and you are in that Florida place, try Polk County Animal Services.

3. I was discounted when I was at the Humane Society. Digby was half price. And Fruitycake? He was free.

4. Everything is new to Fruitycake. Everything. From car windows to ice cream to food…he has a lot to learn and I have a lot to teach him.

We have some adjusting to do. We have so much to see. But for now, allow me to introduce Fruitycake The Raccoon. Why did we give him this name? That’s for tomorrow’s blog!

Would you like to hear from him tomorrow? I’m gonna have to teach him how to write…

Remember that you and you alone are the only one who can make a name for yourself. Don’t let others define you.

-Peanut Butter Brickle

This week’s #LiveLikeDigby

2 thoughts on “This Dog

  1. Theresa Bates

    Brickle, you now have a job. You must help Fruitycake learn the ropes. If he is illiterate, you must teach him to write so you won’t have to write every blog. I bet Girl Person can tell you how hard that it! He looks like he’s already enjoying being part of your family. Of course, we don’t see every minute, so maybe there have been difficult times, too. I hope not. You have to let him know just how fortunate he is now that he has not just any family, but YOUR family! Just don’t expect him to become another Digby. Digby was himself, and now Fruitycake has to find out who he is. He is himself. So far, so good. He seems like he’s gonna be a great brother. Teach him to write so he can tell us how he feels about being sprung from that shelter jail. And maybe he can even figure out how old he really is. Is he 1 or is he 5? Or does he know?

  2. Patty Backer-Freeman

    What a cute furbaby. I am praying he adjusts fast. Brickle you are amazing and will be such a good big brother. I know Digby is whispering in his ear guiding and teaching him. God bless you all. ❤❤

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