What Would Your Description Say At A Shelter?

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Sometimes, I get overwhelmed with my day. Especially since Digby isn’t here, I find myself having to do so much work. And with all the work I have to do, I also now have to listen to the persons searching online. I have to hear names of dogs and descriptions of dogs. And some of the dogs don’t even get names. They are just called “this dog”. I wondered. If I was still at the shelter, what would my description say about me? Would I have a chance. Let’s see. My description if I wrote it.

“Dog with judgmental looks and a tendency to lay down in the middle of a road to keep from walking. Dog that is 12 years old but who has looked 100 since he was born. Does not care for screaming children. Does not care for steak medium rare. Best in a home where he can eat crackers in your bed and has the patience to let him out at least twice during the night. This dog will most likely live for at least 40 more years according to his recent vet visit. So please consider this dog if you like to be told what to do for the rest of your life.”

I think maybe the right family would read that and come along. Eventually.

But what would your description say if you were at a shelter? Would you have a chance? Girl Person said hers would sound like this.

“Girl Person up for adoption. If you like to spend your time with someone who is easily distracted, forgetful and talks like a dog everyday, consider her. She cooks gourmet but mostly for dogs, considers dogs people and won’t put up with anyone who doesn’t too. Only eats vegan food and organic, so be ready to hear a lot about animal welfare and pasta. Up for adoption to the right home who will let her watch reality TV while looking at pictures of dogs every night.”

You see, we all have our quirks, don’t we?

What if we only judged others by what was said about them? Would any of us get picked? I know by looking at all the dogs online at the shelters and rescues that there is someone out there for everyone. But unlike us, they don’t have much time. Don’t be set on a breed or an age. Who needs you? Who touches your heart? Sometimes our personalities are not seen on a first meeting or a third. We may not take good pictures.

Remember to be kind. It’s simple to say, but applying it to animals and people is what we should do. The world is imperfect that we live in. And we end up in places thru no fault of our own. Make it your place to be the one who sees thru appearance or descriptions and be the one who makes a difference. And don’t try to adopt me. I’m taken.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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