The Beachy

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  I am not one to be gushy, except that I am.  I make up for Sheriff Brickle’s lack of niceness.  Did I say that? I suppose that isn’t nice, but when you are gushy like me, with a tushy like me, you recognize that Brickle’s lack of niceness is one of his most redeeming qualities.


Because it makes him…him.  And well, the beachy makes Brickle…Brickle.


I may not have told you this before, or maybe I have, and don’t remember because I had a pancake hangover at that time, but I like run-on sentences, and I like Brickle to be happy.

And when Brickle is the most happy, he is always on the beachy.  We don’t even call it the beach.  We call it the beachy.  Because it is that special to us.


What you may not know is that I don’t love the beachy because I love beaches.  But I love that my brother loves beaches.  And when he is happy, I am happy.  It is as simple as that.


I may like the woods better.  I may like a fireplace with a rug in a log cabin. But Brickle prefers the beach, and the sand and the ocean.  If we were all the same, life would be boring.  But when you choose ones in your life that are different from yourself, how much spicer it can be.

I think we all want to be happy.  And we have ideas of what we think make us the happiest.

But opening up to experience things that may be second on our list so that the individuals who are first on our list are happy is fun.  It is loving.  And it is gushy.  And I know gushy.


Because even if Sheriff Brickle doesn’t tell me thank you, I know he means it.  Because when we are in the woods and Brickle is longing for the beach, he doesn’t make me feel bad.  Feeling good means making others feel good when they give that love right back.

So beachy? I think you are peachy and I’m not trying to be preachy.  I am trying to be gushy with my cute tushy.  You make my brother happy, and that ain’t sappy.  I love you beachy.  And I have no more rhymes.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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What’s The Chance?

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Some things seem highly unlikely to happen. Seeing a dog more handsome than I am. Smelling a dog that stinks more than Digby Pancake. The Big Blue Treat Wagon RV actually running good. Or at all. All of those things? Highly unlikely.

It would have seemed highly unlikely this week that our roof and entire wall would be rotted out. What was the chance?

It would have seemed unlikely that the worst rain and cold weather in this Florida place would have occurred at the same time. What was the chance?

It was unlikely that on that same week, we were to film our first Furry Tails Bedtime Stories For Dogs sponsored by Pet Releaf? What was the chance?!

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And what was the chance that Girl Person had a scheduled appearance on Daytime NBC making Big Game snacks for dogs with a rescue dog named Chance.

Yes. I have to ask. What was the Chance? Who was this guy?! And what was the chance that Girl Person would cheat on us? Oh yes. But it happened.

Girl Person told me that she knew Digby and I were tired and that it was really cold and she thought we would be better to stay with Boy Person. I wasn’t happy about it.

She said it was an hour and a half drive. And well. That’s a long way. I understood. But if I would have known that she would be spending her time with handsome, nine year old Chance? Well. I might have reconsidered.

Chance needs a home. Yes. And if you want to adopt him, AnimalLuvrs Dream Rescue can help you. But they can’t help with my jealous nature. They can’t give me back that time with Girl Person. Oh no.

Some weeks crazy stuff happens. Which makes for catching up the next week. And yep. We have nowhere to stay after next Friday. Seems everyone wants to escape to this Florida place, but I have news for you. It’s cold here too! What’s the chance, you ask?

Leave it up to us. If something can go wrong, it will. But if there is a chance that Digby and I can see the positive in it, we will do that too.

Life is a bunch of bad, good and just ok moments mixed together.

But at the end of your days, you might just have the best picture ever of a life well spent. What’s the chance? That’s up to you.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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