A Happy Old Dog And A Happy Old Tree

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. If I had a treat for every time someone has called me old the last few weeks, I would be as happy as Digby was. He sure loved treats.

I don’t know why everyone has just realized my older handsome. I enjoy the attention. But I draw the line when they say they feel bad for me. Why would anyone feel bad about being older in years? Certainly not a happy dog like me. Certainly not the old oak tree in this Florida place.

I met the old oak tree here at camp. Girl Person told me all about it as we stood underneath it. It is majestic. Alive. Proud to be alive. Proud to keep living today and tomorrow and as long as it can.

Happy to be alive. Happy to know its potential still to come. Whatever that may be. Whoever it may meet.

When we talk to ones that have more numbers in their age, how do we make them feel? That is very important. Why would we diminish what they still can do?

The happiest are the ones who are old but who realize their full potential to come. Don’t put doubts into their confidence.

Being young doesn’t mean you are happy.

All of us should love who we are! Be as proud and as tall and as happy as the old oak tree. I’m happy to be me.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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