The Hands

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. How much work did you have to do yesterday? If you had extra hands helping you, could you have done your work faster? Would your work have been more enjoyable? I say yes.

If you are like my Girl Person, she thinks that she doesn’t need help. She doesn’t like to bother others. And she would rather just use her own hands to get it done. Even if it takes forever. Even if she is tired. But yesterday, she had to give in.

You see, the persons had a big job. For some big rescue horses. And they needed all the hands that they could get.

Did you know that you measure horses with hands?

But what if you only have paws? I left that up to the farm dogs at Celestial Farms.

I do know that you can’t measure love with hands. Especially when it comes to helping others with their work. And we were all in yesterday.

Because without a lot of hands, we could not get the horse stalls built that we wanted to. It would not have been possible.

And everyone had to put their independence aside. Everyone had to realize the work had to be a team effort.

I looked at all of the animals at the farm. They each have things they want to do everyday.

They are all their own individuals. But if they didn’t get along, the farm wouldn’t function. Just like animals, people need each other.

It’s wonderful to love and value ourselves. But it’s also wonderful to work together.

To get a job done together, using many hands for the greater good. For the bigger picture.

Everyone has to work. Well. Almost everyone.

And work should fill a need. In us. That’s part of what makes it worth it. It’s also worth it to help others. Like the farm.

If we you want to help this farm, they need it. It will take many hands and shares to help us reach our goal for them. But we know it will be worth it. (Our fundraiser is here.

We have so much to tell you about the horse stalls everyone worked together to build. It was only one day of work. But we made new friends. We all pulled together for the horses who needed us. And we will never forget the day of many hands getting the job done.

It’s true that we’ve had a rough few weeks in our family.

But the horses we helped yesterday have had some rough years. The least we could do was one day of hard work. Thank you to all of the hands.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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