Everyone’s Dog

This is Digby Pancake. Did you know that I’m your dog? I’m Brickle’s dog.

I’m everyone’s dog. That’s what someone told me this weekend. And I believe it. And I like it.

So many persons tell me that I remind them of a dog they used to know. So many tell me that they feel like I’m their dog. I am.

If dogs are the best at something, it’s being what you need when you need them. We know your feelings. We sympathize with your feelings. We love you. And usually, we love you unconditionally. And that’s because we are yours and you are ours.

But did you know that you are everyone’s person too? You just may be a different person to everyone. Are you aware of how you come across? Are you ok with how you come across?

Sure. Everyone has a bad day and I’ve been having many not so good days lately. But sickness hasn’t taken away who I am. Don’t let your problems take away who you are.

We can all work on our attitude. I’ve had to realize lately that I’ve been sad more often than happy. I’ve let labels like “Senior dog” and “elderly” define me instead of being everyone’s dog that they love no matter what. I won’t continue on this path.

And my persons will not either.

If we stop sometimes and acknowledge what we are going through to ourselves, perhaps we won’t put our problems on others.

Thank you for all your love and support these past two weeks. We are taking one day at a time. And we found a wonderful vet person helping me. I still love life. And my persons are doing everything they can to make life great! I love you.

Digby Pancake

Today our persons will be helping the good people and animals at Celestial Farms in Jacksonville, Florida. They will be building horse stalls for the rescue horses made possible by Good Sam. Please consider supporting our fundraiser for this organization here. Every dollar and every share counts.

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