The Minutes Turned Into Hours

This is Digby Pancake. Time goes by, day by day. Hour by hour. Minute by minute. Sometimes, I do not believe time flows at the same speed. It just can’t be possible.

Because when I am waiting for dinner, time goes by slow.

When I am enjoying something, there’s just never enough time. We felt like that at the beach yesterday.

Although it’s been two years since we have been to this particular beach, some things are the same. Including our love for it. And as we sat on the beach yesterday, walked on the beach and stared at the water, well, somehow time flowed. Into where the minutes turned into hours.

I don’t know what happened. Because just like time yesterday, my life has seemed to turn from minutes into hours. Just when you are starting to get the hang of enjoying life to the full, you get reminded that you may not have forever.

No matter who you are.

What do you enjoy? Where do you enjoy? Who do you enjoy? Do you realize that we are almost ready to start another year? Where did the year go? What did you do with it? Would you have changed anything?

It’s ok to look back and think maybe you would have spent your time differently. That’s really ok. Persons say they wouldn’t change a thing, but if you had an opportunity to do so, would you take it? Change what you need to before the minutes turn into hours and they are gone.

Go back to the places you miss. Tell the ones you miss you love them. And love yourself the way you deserve.

Digby Pancake

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