Uncomfortable Bliss

This is Peanut Butter Brickle.  Have you ever been between a rock and a hard place?  How about between many trees on a skinny campsite trying to park your house there?

Yes.  We are back in that Florida place at probably one of our favorite campgrounds ever by the beach.

But the last time we were here was in the Big Blue Treat Wagon. And well, it fit in these spots just a bit better than the Big Barking Biscuit Buggy RV.

Actually, we were not sure that we would fit in our old campsite 165. But it was available.  We were available. And we thought the worst thing that could happen was that we wouldn’t fit, we would hit a tree or five, or we would get stuck.

Yes, I guess there were a lot of things that could happen.

But you know what? I will tell you.  Sometimes, the best things in life take uncomfortableness to get there. Sometimes, the best things in life mean sacrificing something else.

And we really have to trust it will be worth it.

Sometimes, the things worth living for take feeling uneasy.  Sometimes, the best things in life are totally worth it.

You can sit around and wonder if you can do something.  You can go over all the different scenarios in your mind.  Over and over and over.

But what happens if you actually try? You may or may not succeed.  But what happens if you DO succeed?  Oh, you will be in an uncomfortable bliss like none other.  Like putting your paws in the beach sand for the first time in two years.

Even Digby could not wait to get to the ocean after we set up camp.

And the persons knew that any problems we encountered all day, and there were many, were all worth it in the end.

Don’t waste precious time doubting yourself.  You will do that no matter if you try or not.  Spend some of that time being uncomfortable, because let me tell you…it is the best feeling to overcome obstacles in your way that you think you cannot.

The worst thing that can happen when you are uncomfortable is that you are uncomfortable.  Unbutton your pants, if you wear them, which I do not recommend, and live a little.  Live a lot.

-Peanut Butter Brickle

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