Let’s Get Lost

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Have you ever felt lost? Have you ever been lost?

As we were walking in the forest here at Cedars Of Lebanon State Park, we followed the path of many trails.

There are lots of trails here to choose from. So many in fact, it’s important that you watch the signs and take notice of the colors that have been painted on the trees. Each trail has a different color. So if you lose your way, you can look for the colors. But what happens if you can’t actually find the colors on the trees? Then what?

That’s what happened to us yesterday. We got off the trail to take a picture, and when we went to continue to our hike, we couldn’t tell where we were or where the trail started. Everything looked the same.

That’s when Girl Person said we needed to take a breath and just sit still for a moment and think. There are a lot of sinkholes around here too. And you have to be more than careful. If you fall, you are gonna be stuck down there for awhile. And if you’re like Girl Person, you may have forgotten to charge your phone.

But once we sat there for a moment, and stopped worrying that we were lost, we looked up. We looked around. We were all alone except for the trees and the forest. We were able to hear ourselves breathe. The sky seemed bluer. The forest seemed more alive. Everything was vivid and real. And we knew that even though we were lost, we had found a bit of peace. And we were happy to be lost.

Even though being lost made us feel more alive and grateful, we knew we couldn’t stay lost forever. We had breakfast to eat. So we concentrated. It seemed we were better able to do that once we had regrouped. And we finally found our way again.

Yes. We had lost time, and breakfast was a bit later. But we weren’t sorry about it. Being lost may seem like a mistake sometimes. Just like when we feel lost in life. The persons have been feeling like that lately. Very lost. So lost that they find it impossible to get back on track. Have you ever felt like that?

Life has a way of twisting and turning and leading us on paths we don’t want to be on. Sometimes we do get lost and we can’t find our way. We all have those times.

Don’t feel you are alone. What can lead you back to where you truly want to go? You only know that. So stop. Get lost so you can find your way again.

It may be scary and hard. It may cause you to doubt your strength. But you have it. We all do. Find it.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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Getting The Exercise Your Dog Needs In Winter

This special blog post is sponsored by Sniffspot! Sniffspot is like an AirBnB for dogs! 

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Every season has its challenges when you are a dog parent.  

In the summertime, we have to make sure we keep our dogs hydrated and cool.  

In the fall, we get together with friends and family more, which means food we have to keep away from the pups.  In the springtime, our dogs may have more allergies.  


And what happens to dog parents in the winter? We are wishing that we could keep bundled up, inside by the fireplace while our dogs magically let themselves out, and back in again.

But wintertime is no excuse not to take care of our dogs the way that they deserve. But what happens when you live in an area where many dog parks shut down for the season or you don’t want to walk your dog near roads which have been salted for snow? What can you do?

This year, we have introduced to you a new way of life for dog parent.  Sniffspot. Simply put, if your dog isn’t social, or is elderly, or you are simply not comfortable with a dog park atmosphere, Sniffspot may be your answer.  With Sniffspot, you can book a private yard or space by the hour for your dog to play, explore and simply be a dog!

All dogs are individuals, just like people. And all individuals deserve exercise in the way that works for them and in all seasons.

Woodland Tranquility Pathways Sniffspot

So we checked out the spots at Sniffspot to see what options are available for dog parents!

Malaney Creek Farm, Shelton, Washington

This seems to warm us right up! With over 124 acres, private trails and even options to camp! This is amazing!

Book here

The following Sniffspot has so much room! How much room?

In Mill Creek, Washington, over half an acre, let your dog run free in a fully fenced space and enjoy snow time! Book here

In Fairchild, Wisconsin, room to run is abundant! Rain, snow or shine! Book here

Read Tips On Getting Sniffspots near you


Winter may take more preparation on our part to get the exercise our dogs need. Here are some tips to winterize our plans!


1. In snow and ice, our dogs’ paws need to be protected. Consider wearing paw boots and moisturize.

2. Keep our dogs fueled! Pack high energy treats and snacks in easy open containers. Water is still important to carry in the winter. Don’t leave outside to freeze.

3. We’ve all heard not to leave our dogs in a hot car. That goes for cold cars too! Dogs can freeze quickly. Do not leave unattended.

4. Consider your dog’s age and tolerance of the cold.

5. Clean your dog’s feet gently when coming inside. Salt may be on roads and runoff.

6. Mental stimulation is key to getting thru the winter! That’s where Sniffspot comes in! There is no substitute for new places, smells and experiences. Put on your coat and book a Sniffspot for an hour!

A dog’s wellbeing and safety is is our hands. Give them exercise in the winter in a safe and fun way. And look for a Sniffspot near you! Put in your location on the free Sniffspot app or go to www.sniffspot.com.

As we travel the country, we will be looking for Sniffspots near us for the boys to get the exercise they need. But we may be headed south. These Florida folks are cold!

Rachael Johnson

Founder, 2 Traveling Dogs and Your Dog’s Diner

This special blog post is sponsored by Sniffspot! Sniffspot is like an AirBnB for dogs! 

Reactive dog? With Sniffspot, you can book a space that is private for safe play and training!
Don’t like dog parks? Socialize your pup in a controlled environment. Learn more about Sniffspot vs public dog parks.

Book a Sniffspot or even sign up to become a host and earn extra income with your yard or private space! Go to www.sniffspot.com. Use code 2TD to get an extra $15 after your first review.

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