Can I Borrow A Jar Of Peanut Butter?

This is Peanut Butter Brickle.  Obviously, you know by now that I love peanut butter almost as much as I love myself.

Yes. But there is someone else that loves peanut butter almost as much as I do.  And apparently he is gives no apologies for his obsession.

There we were.  Enjoying our own campsite as all good campers do.  I don’t need to come into your campsite.  You don’t need to come into mine.  And I wouldn’t suggest it.


But I was watching the campsite across from us.  I am always watching.  And I am always listening.  Especially when I hear the words peanut butter. Loudly.


The campers were in their fancy, schmancy gazebo.  Which I was secretly wishing I had one too.It’s true.

And then I heard it, “oh, really?  The whole jar of peanut butter, man?” and you guessed it, or perhaps I’ll just give it away, because I am impatient like that.  It was a squirrel.  A very hungry squirrel.  Or a squirrel who just needed some peanut butter with his jelly.  And he had his whole head in the jar.

You can be early.  You can be late.  You can be on time.  But you will never have perfect timing like the squirrel.  He can get into a gazebo, stick his head in a jar of peanut butter, and said peanut butter will be gone lickety split.

Now, to my surprise, the gazebo, fancy camper did not get mad.

The gazebo fancy camper just simply got the empty jar of peanut butter and got his gazebo little person something else to eat for lunch.  But Boy Person couldn’t resist asking him a question as he walked over to the campsite. Uninvited. And he simply said, “Can I borrow a jar of peanut butter?”

And instead of laughing, or getting mad, the gazebo fancy camper just said he was sorry but a squirrel had just got his last jar.

Boy Person felt the need to explain he was just joking and had heard the debacle.  But the amazing part? The gazebo fancy camper wasn’t mad, upset or even a little upset.  And it made me think.

Do we go thru life being selfish…but we don’t even realize it?  Is there something special to us that we don’t like to share? Like peanut butter?  What does that say about us?  Why is it so hard to share sometimes? In a world where everyone is out for themselves, take a day to share the most important things you have with others. Whether that be something material, or even your time.

When we truly care about others, we don’t give out of our surplus.  We give out of our hearts. Sometimes it is out of pockets or our free time that is already pretty empty. We don’t worry what is left for ourselves.  We put someone else and their needs and joy first.

It’s not always the easy thing to do.  But it’s always the right thing to do.  That squirrel enjoyed that peanut butter.  And I would enjoy a gazebo…wonder if they will share.

-Peanut Butter Brickle

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