Music With Dinner?

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. I’m a complicated dog.

Not only do I appreciate a good meal, I appreciate what goes into a good meal. I heard it’s a lot of work.


There’s atmosphere. Atmosphere is important to a good meal. Eating by the picnic table outside is my favorite atmosphere.

There’s lighting. Again, eating al’fresco is quite enjoyable.

And there is ambiance. I prefer music with dinner. Do you?

Restaurants play music to get people to stay longer. To eat more food. To drink more drinks. It’s quite fancy.

When we eat breakfast, we listen to beach music.

When we eat lunch, we listen to cool jazz.

And when we eat dinner? We get on our country music.

Everyone needs a little something extra in their day. Have you taken time to enjoy a little extra lately?

Or are you just going thru the motions? Routine?

When birds are happy at the bird feeder and eating, they sing. But they don’t just sing to themselves. They call to their friends by singing. Because they want them to enjoy the moment too. Well. Some do. Some want it all to themselves!

Routine is good. But don’t lose sight of making a moment special.

Just because dinner happens every day, that doesn’t make every dinner any less special.  Just like you.  You are more than special enough to truly enjoy life’s moments. Truly enjoy a meal. Truly enjoy your favorite song. Truly enjoy life. Have music with dinner.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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