How To Float Your Boat

This is Digby Pancake.  Since we are camping at a very large lake in this Georgia place, there are many, many boats.

There are big boats.

There are little boats.

There are those kayak things.

There are even rafts.

And all of these different things can help you to float.

Unless you are Boy Person, and in that case, the swimming instructor informed him that there are those rare people out there that cannot float. At all.  Yes. That’s him.

But for the rest of us, a boat or something to keep you floating on the water can be very important.  

It can mean the difference between a very good day and the worse day. And so with that kind of pressure, there are those that choose not to get on a boat at all.  It is too much of a risk.

I understand that.  I am not the biggest fan of boats. Either is Brickle.  After that one trip to an island in Maryland, we prefer to keep our paws on solid ground.

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Have you ever heard of Smith Island in Maryland? We loved it! Although Brickle whisk like to forget the ride over! #flashbackfriday Smith Island is an island on the Chesapeake Bay, on the border of Maryland and Virginia territorial waters in the United States. Smith Island is inhabited by one of the region's oldest English-speaking communities, which is known for its relic accent, preserving speech patterns from the original English colonial settlers. The local dialect is like the dialects of the West Country of England and the dialect of Cornwall. Smith Island also has a famous chocolate cake! Of course the dogs didn’t take part in that. The cake is 8 to 15 thin layers filled with creme, frosting and/or crushed candy bars, and iced with a cooked chocolate icing. Beginning in the 1800s, Smith Islanders would send these cakes with the watermen on the autumn oyster harvest. The bakers began using fudge instead of buttercream frostings, as cakes frosted with fudge lasted much longer than cakes with other types of frosting. If you ever get a chance, take a boat ride with your dog to Smith Island! #2travelingdogs #dogblog #rvlife @smithislandcake #travelingwithdogs

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But the persons love the water. And they would be out on it all the time. If Boy Person could swim, that might make it a little safer.  But we won’t get into that on this particular dog blog.

One thing is for sure.  IF I decided to get on a boat again, I would not do so alone.  I would have to have Brickle with me to look at the directions. I would have to have Boy Person to drive.  And I would have to have Girl Person to bring the snacks.  This would all be very important.  Not one of us could be left out on the journey.  

Because each one of us has a different skill. And each one of us wants the others to be safe, secure and happy.

As important as it is to have the right individuals on your boat, who is on your life’s boat with you?  Yes. You have a boat of sorts.  Sometimes you are in calm waters Sometimes you are in very choppy waters.  Sometimes, it seems impossible to hold on.

In those journeys, what if you have someone on your boat who is always trying to throw you off of it?  With negative words or attitudes, or negative actions or hurtful speech.  That can make you unsteady.

Sometimes, there may be someone on your life’s boat that doesn’t seem to help you on the journey at all.  And so you row and you row and you row.  It gets heavier to steer your boat.  You just can’t keep afloat with all that weight.

It is hard enough to keep afloat right now without added pressure.  It is vitally important that we all think carefully about the ones who are with us on life’s boat.  If it is the wrong individual, you might as well go on that journey alone.

Yes, to me, any journey is fun.  But that’s because I know the ones in my boat love me and need me.

Boating should be fun too.  Life should be fun.

Sometimes, we may steer off course.  But it’s always possible to dock temporarily, get your supplies, I mean snacks, and make sure your life rafts are good.  There will always be choppy waters.  We can’t control it all.  

But we can control the ones on our boat.

-Digby Pancake

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