Behind The Windows. Behind The Doors.

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. A book is more than just a cover.

A beautiful dog is more than a pretty face. Take it from me.

I’m also a pretty body and tail and everything else.

And a house is more than windows. A house is more than doors.

We were taking a walk at camp yesterday and we found a cabin! It was a beautiful cabin. That’s for sure.

The signs are always too high for me and Digby to read. But Girl Person read them to us.

This was a very interesting cabin. Although it was only built to look like it was old, its style was called Dogtrot. This was new to us. Have you heard about it?

So there would be two rooms and a path in the middle for the animals to trot thru. We are good at trotting.

Then, there would be a kitchen that was a whole separate building. You could do a lot of cooking in there. Much more than cooking outside.

I wondered how life was different back then.

I wondered if it was better, or if they would think that our lives were better.

Girl Person told us it’s good to learn about houses like the Dogtrot. But what is more important is learning about the people who lived before us.

When we travel, it’s easy to take things at face value. We can read a sign and move on. But don’t always take things for face value. Do your own research. Don’t just think it’s a beautiful house. Find out who lived there. Did they want to be there? What were their lives like? Can we learn from them now?

That’s the wonderful thing about travel. It’s more than seeing beautiful places and things.

It’s about learning. It’s about not repeating the mistakes of others. It’s about being better ourselves.

Behind the windows. Behind the doors. Someone lived there. Who were they?

Peanut Butter Brickle

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