What Would Shelly Do?

This is Digby Pancake. Usually, when I want something done, I ask. Ok. I ask real loud with my outside voice. I’ve never found the inside one.

But the persons don’t have my knack of persuasion. In fact, both Brickle and I agree that they could learn a few things from not only us, but some of their friends. You can always learn from someone.

Yesterday, we had to change campsites again. We were excited because we were going somewhere shadier and more private. But it’s a lot of work to move your whole house. Even if you’re just going down the street.

But as many times as we have done this, we have it mostly figured out. However, sometimes things happen you don’t expect. Sometimes things happen to inconvenience you. And it’s hard not to get upset or even mad.

The persons had it all planned out. Load the car with our outside stuff and Girl Person would take it over. Then, she would come back and get me and Brickle. That way, we could take a drive to our new campsite and enjoy the air and not be stressed out. But when Girl Person got to our campsite, well, the other campers had not moved out. Nope.

It was getting close to our checkout time. But the other campers were slow campers. They were in no hurry to vacate the premises.

And so Girl Person came back to our old campsite with all our stuff, and the hoses on the tire, and the birdhouse on the seat.

And she waited. And she waited. Then, she went back. And you guessed it. The slow campers were still there being slow and enjoying it.

Girl Person wondered what to do. Should she sit and stare at them so they would hurry up?

Should she just go back to the campsite and unload all the stuff in the car and let Boy Person deal with it? Should she put her stuff in another campsite nearby and hope no one else came to set up?

Or…she thought a minute. All of a sudden, the smile of one of her best friends came to mind. Shelly is a friend of Girl Person’s. And yet, they are opposite personalities. Yeah. Kinda like me and Brickle.

Shelly is outgoing, smiles a lot and knows how to talk to anyone. She also knows how to ask for something nicely if she needs it.

Unlike Shelly, Girl Person would have waited there forever. But she knew Brickle and I were waiting. And Shelly popped into her mind again. What would Shelly do? Girl Person knew.So, despite the fact that she had only had one cup of espresso, she put on her best smile. And she put on her courage. Today, she would do the opposite of what she would normally do.

She walked up to the campers moving in slow motion. It was 11:58 a.m. There was no way they were vacating by noon.

But Girl Person simply smiled and said “Excuse me, sir. Good morning. Or afternoon. I’m sorry to bother you, but we are supposed to camp in this site. There’s no hurry. But would you mind while you’re packing up if I can put some stuff in my car on the picnic table? You see, I have dogs and they want to ride over, but we have so much stuff!” And she smiled like Shelly again. This wasn’t so hard. Actually, it was for her. Apparently it’s hard for Brickle too.

The slow camper said, “Of course. Help yourself. We will be out of here in a bit.” And Girl Person thanked him with more smiles and smiles and smiles. Another slow camper came out their door and Girl Person thanked her as she unloaded all of our stuff. When she was done, and pretty proud of herself, she looked over and she saw a garbage bag of trash. She offered to take their trash to the dumpster. And they were very appreciative. She threw that in for good measure. Shelly probably wouldn’t have touched trash.

But as she drove away, and thanked the slow campers who she only imagined were packing up for a trek to the moon, she thanked her friend Shelly.

When we have friends, and we get to know them, we may become friends because we have things in common. But we stay friends because we make each other better. Because we are all different!

Do you have a friend like Shelly? Does your friend have qualities that you’d like to have? Instead of being jealous, learn! Know that when we see qualities we like in others, go out of our comfort zone and try.

Your way isn’t always the right way. But the way to understanding of everyone is appreciation for our differences.

Digby Pancake

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