Digby Day

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. When I woke up this morning, Girl Person said that it was a special day. A very special day. She said it wasn’t the day I was born or a howliday or the day they adopted me. No. She said there was another reason. And it has to do with you too.

If you’ve been my friend for a long time, you may remember what this day was last year. And if not, no problem. I’ll fill you in. But only for a little while. Because it’s hard to talk about for long.

A year ago today, I was very, very sick. The persons were very, very scared to say it mildly. You were too. I know.

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When I didn’t feel well, Girl Person tried not to panic. To see if I had ate something I shouldn’t. Or maybe I was in the sun too long. But I kept getting worse and worse. So she rushed me to a vet Person place. And they did tests. They tried to make me more comfortable. But nothing was working. Nothing.

When the vet persons finally thought they knew what was wrong, they didn’t let me hear it. Instead, they took me to a room with a bunch of machines that I had to stay in. I saw Girl Person crying and she couldn’t stay with me. Until she talked them into it and laid with me on the floor for hours.

I was happy she was there. But I couldn’t say it. She kissed me again over and over, and I felt the love.

That night, they let me go home, but I had to come back the next day. Brickle came with me too.

But then I had to go to another vet person. And no one had any good news. And even though I wasn’t supposed to, I saw the persons crying. Brickle was sad. But I knew. I knew. I knew I wasn’t ready to give up. I knew a lot of people needed me. How do I know? Because you called the vets. You emailed us. You messaged us. You bought shirts so we could pay all the vet bills. And I felt your love. It seemed to help me to feel better. And I did. And I’m still here. And I still love you. One year later.

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Girl Person says that some days, you want to forget about them because they are too sad. But she said if that day can help someone else and even help us to remember what’s important, you have to pause. Acknowledge. Learn. Appreciate. Celebrate it.

So today is Digby Day!

Yes. It is. A day I don’t want to remember but I can’t forget. Because the love that was shown to us helped me. After that day, I was able to see many more places, meet more people, see the snow and mountains and my creeks again. I never thought that I would. But I did and I still have many more memories to make.

A year can change so much, but so can a minute.

I want to thank you during this minute for all you did for me. For allowing us into your lives. You may say you need us, but it’s obvious we need you.

What the rest of this year will bring, we don’t know. But I’m here to enjoy it no matter what.

Sure, it may not be what we thought it would be. But we are still together. Some may think everyone says that. And maybe that’s the case. But I know what’s important. Not a diagnosis. Not worry. Not fear.

It’s living life in a way that is helpful and not harmful to others. And that never made as much sense as it does now.

So won’t you celebrate Digby Day? That means an extra pancake or five.

Maybe some grass to roll in.

Whatever you live, do it today. It’s my thank you to YOU.

Deputy Digby Pancake

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  2. Linda Horn

    Keep on keeping on. You are loved. I’m on your mailing list. I read your blog everyday and I’m a monthly contributor.
    Sharing your story.

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