This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. A picture is worth a thousand words. Or if it’s a picture of me, a million words and one more.

But if you’re a bison, apparently, all visitors want to take your picture though. And some of them at the farm get too close. And well. One of those someones was Girl Person.

You know that Girl Person loves all animals. Really loves them. So making friends with the bison at the farm was nothing out of the ordinary. And the bison seemed to like her.

But then? He really liked her. And it seemed that the more he liked her, the more he realized he was lonely.

And so one night, he decided that since she had given him a tomato, that he wanted another one. So he stepped back. He tried to test the fence. And Girl Person? She about passed out. Smelling salts wouldn’t have helped in this situation.

And as Boy Person watched from afar, they both realized that perhaps getting closer was not what the bison wanted at all. Perhaps they weren’t showing him the respect he deserved. Perhaps it was best to love from afar.

Can you imagine if you had no say over others interacting with you? What if you couldn’t let calls go to voicemail?

What if you had to answer a text the second you saw it?

What if you had others staring at you whenever they wanted? I can relate to that.

That’s right. Sometimes we don’t think that animals want some privacy or that they want to be left alone.

Perhaps they do want company. But we can let them ask for it on their terms.

As the night went on and Girl Person kept thinking about the bison and how close she was to trouble, she knew it would have been her fault if she was hurt. Admiring from afar doesn’t mean you love less. It means you think of that animal first, above yourself and what you want. It means you appreciate their place in that moment of your life.

Respect is a big thing. Even bigger than a bison. Learn it. Earn it in return.

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