The End Of May

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. This family isn’t one for schedules. Or plans. Or thinking about a few months from now. No. We aren’t like that. We usually go with the flow.

But like everyone the past few months, we’ve changed.

When the sponsor deal fell thru on a new RV at the very last second, so did all of our ideas.

We found ourselves stuck not only figuratively but we also had to stay in one place. We count our blessings we were able to stay at the farm.

But with hot weather comes concerns for my brother, Deputy Digby. This Florida place is very hot.

But we also had to think of our safety. Others’ safety. How far the Big Blue Treat Wagon should go. And what we should do at the end of the month. You see, the farm closes for a little while then. Until October when they reopen for a pmpkin festival!

So we thought and we thought and we thought. And we decided that we didn’t want to go far. We didn’t want to take any chances. And so we looked at our options. We weren’t comfortable with many. Our main goal was to get to one area until October. And even if we have to change campsites in that one area every few weeks, we think that the weather will do Digby good. And we can remain safe and occupied. What do you think?

So on May 25th, we will be leaving the farm. It’s going to be hard. This is for sure.

I can’t say much more about that without getting emotional.

Will our plans change before we leave? If we have learned anything lately, it’s to rationally prepare for the worst but hope for the best.

And so if we have to change, we will.

We will be headed to the closest and cooler place possible for us, which is that Georgia place. The closest place where it gets cooler at night. And our first campsite will be Oleno State Park in this Florida place on the way there.

Then, starting on June 3rd, we will head to High Falls State Park in Georgia for two weeks.

We will keep you updated as we go on our schedule.

As soon as the weather cools down, we may come back to the farm or somewhere else in this Florida place. Or perhaps we will find some land or something else! We are keeping open minds! Because we have each other. And we will make this fun, yet safe for us all.

We will probably be making more recipes you can share with your dogs and fun videos and even giving away some prizes from our sponsors.

We couldn’t foresee this. Yet we will never regret our time here at the farm, being near family, and meeting all our new animal friends.

Maybe we will be back.

We welcome your suggestions and hope you’ll come along! We are sure for an interesting, yet short…ride.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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4 thoughts on “The End Of May

  1. Janet Schaeffer

    Well it sounds like we are all making changes in are lives. Enjoy your travels hug the boys. I may lose you all again untill i get a good internet service going. We have found a nice little house for us to live we will be moving out of are RV.

  2. Barbara Sevrens

    Stay safe. Ordered my mask excited about getting it. Stay safe land at a good resting place. Have a good weekend.

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