You Need No Introduction

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Have you ever met someone and you feel like you have known them all of your life? Yeah. Me neither.

Because most of the time, I only remember the names of my snacks. And since I eat my snacks, there’s no need to keep remembering their names.

But when it was raining so much this weekend, I wondered. The birds that we usually see everyday outside, well, do they know our names?

The tree that we pass by everyday at the produce stand, well, does she know our names?

And the green grass that we lay on everyday, well, do all the blades know our names?

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Probably not. Sure, they may have heard our names once or twice. Or when Girl Person is trying to get us to do something and we don’t listen, maybe a few more times. But then I wondered too, because we had a lot of time inside, did it matter? Did it matter that we had never been formally introduced?

Sure. It is respectful to know someone’s name. But there is something even more important than that! Even more important than pancakes. It’s how we act. It’s how we treat others. It’s how we make every day better for someone else on the earth.

It’s how we make others feel. That’s how they will know us.

That’s how they will remember us.

It’s easy to think that individuals we know only a little while don’t matter. Since we can’t stay on the farm forever, would it have mattered if we weren’t nice to Jack the Kangaroo?

Since we can’t stay on the farm forever, would it have mattered if we would not have fed the ravens birdseed everyday?

Since we can’t stay on the farm forever, would it have mattered if we had not looked after the little antelopes every day to make sure they were ok?

Some would say it wouldn’t have mattered much. But what would Jack say? What would the ravens say?

What would the antelopes say? Sure. They may not remember our names when we leave. But if we return? We will need no introductions.

Because our actions are what will be called to mind.

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You see, you introduce yourself everyday to others without saying a word. You need no introductions. You do that automatically. Do you like what they see? No. Not your appearance. That’s for Sheriff Brickle to worry about for all of us. Do they see our heart?

No matter if for a short time or a long time you are in someone’s life, make a name for yourself. Introduce kindness to others. What’s your name again?

Deputy Digby Pancake

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