He Heard A Discouraging Word

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Oh, to be needed. To make a difference. To catch a bison. Yeah. All that.

I’ve been called on to perform many duties as back up law enforcement for Sheriff Brickle. But never in all my years did I think Operation Bison would depend on me.

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So let me tell you, when the report came in that a bison had escaped during a storm this weekend at camp, we were ready.

We were told he was friendly.

Obviously, a giant, running bison seems like a small thing to worry about right now in this world we find ourselves in.

We were on the lookout. The farm people looked everywhere. In the bamboo fields, in the sunflower fields, in the tomato fields. No bison was to be found.

Watching others work so hard made me tired. And even law enforcement has to take a break sometimes. So Sheriff Brickle and I kicked back with some ice cream, and all of a sudden, the escaped bison ran thru the campground on a mission.

Well, my mission was to be as helpful as possible while not getting up. Shouldn’t that be everyone’s mission each day?

So I howled just as Operation Bison was in full swing and just as they were about to catch him. I howled so loud it scared everyone. Even the bison. Now that’s a mighty howl.

As the bison was trapped in a fence due to my barking efforts, I felt elated. Needed. And yet, the persons claimed I had almost botched Operation Bison.

Details, details. Sometimes you just have to do. Don’t overthink. Help. Arrest a bison.

As the bison calmed down and the farm people tried to figure out how to get him back where he belonged, I knew it was only due to my efforts this criminal escape artist was apprehended.

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As Sheriff Brickle wrote the arrest report, he asked him why. Why did he make such a valiant escape?

The bison simply said that he had heard a discouraging word. And he wanted to roam. Escape.

Do you ever feel like that?

All the discouragement lately can be too much to handle. And even for a bison, sometimes just one more discouraging word can be a breaking point.

So know your limits. Let your mind escape to happier times.

Do it before you start to roam with no clear direction like the bison. Head now to happy thoughts. Not discouraging ones

Deputy Digby Pancake

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