Your Best Is The Test

This is Deputy Digby. We all know that Sheriff Brickle is the lawmaker. The risk taker. The peanut butter cookie taster. The man. The teacher. The legend. Even Bigfoot thinks he is a legend.

However, even his high standards have been relaxed a bit lately.

You may know that every Friday in April, we had a homeschool session for dogs.

Which turned in to a homeschool session for persons too. We saw you. We saw you.

Sheriff Brickle decided today, on our last Friday of homeschool that we would give you all straight A’s for attending. Even if you missed a class. Even if you didn’t pay attention. Even if right now you have no idea what we are even talking about in the first place or the last place.

Why is he relaxing his high standards today? To give you an A? This has been a very difficult few weeks for us all. To say that we are in this together isn’t all true. Because we all have our own special situations and problems. But we can sympathize with each other. We can help when we can. And we can acknowledge that we may have to ignore certain things we normally would not. We might have to hold our tongue. But there is no one there to hear what we say anyway!

You see, attending a class isn’t just about grades. Or even cookies. Or even pancakes. It’s about the experience. What you learned. Not a letter. Not even where you learned it. Yes, you even did a good job at home.

Often, we are hardest on ourselves. Unless you are me, then not so much. I don’t have time for that.

This is something you have never been thru before. Your coworker has never been thru it. Your family hasn’t either. Are we expecting too much out of others and of ourselves right now?

Sure. You may have thought you wanted to organize your whole house. But maybe you only organized a drawer. Maybe you wanted to organize all of your photos.  But maybe the only thing you looked at the whole time was your TV.

Normally, Brickle would be the toughest teacher.

But he says the lessons we will have learned after this is what will matter. Because we probably won’t remember what we did. We will only remember how we felt. And how we changed during this time.

So give yourself an A.

And extra credit for all the times you got out of bed.

Give yourself credit for noticing the small things like the birds and the breeze.

And extra credit for pancakes. It’s time to hand those in.

Your best is the test. You nailed it. Keep doing it. 

Deputy Digby Pancake

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