The Sunflower Poem

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Oh, to be a sunflower. I look at the many sunflowers in the fields here at the farm.

I know beauty. I mean, look at me.

But when I look at the sunflowers, I wonder, what makes them so beautiful? Is it their colors?

Is it the bees that buzz all around them? Is it the amount of flowers together?

When we went to the produce stand here at the farm yesterday, I saw that they were selling some of the sunflowers.

And I wondered. Were those sunflowers happy? Were they happy that they got picked out of all the many acres of sunflowers?

I bet they waited a long time. I bet they thought they would never get picked.

Do you feel like that sometimes? Do you feel that you are just ordinary? Do you feel that you have nothing special about you? Do you wait for others to recognize your value before you feel valuable?

I’ve never been one to lack self esteem. Even when I was in the shelter jail. And even though it took many months to find my persons. I knew my value did not rest with someone else’s opinion of me.

And it’s my hope that you do too. It’s my hope you can learn from the sunflower I wrote this poem about.

The Sunflower Poem

There once was a sunflower,

Tall and bright,

To look at her

Was a beautiful sight.

She looked for the sun,

Her head rose with each day,

Her petals were like,

The sun’s outstretched rays.

Although day after day,

Her beauty grew tall,

She felt very lost

Not pretty at all.

There were so many sunflowers

And she was just one,

No one would pick her.

And each day was done.

She knew she was just a flower,

Among so many others,

What made her special

Over another?

She knew no reason,

No reason at all,

She was just another sunflower

After all.

But one day she looked

And there she did see,

A hand reaching out,

To touch her with glee.

Someone had picked her,

Picked only her,

She felt very special

This she felt sure.

She was placed in a vase,

With water so clear,

So why did she feel

Dark with fear?

For now she was alone,

Without the sun’s rays

All she had was lonely days.

She knew she had felt,

Lost all that time ,

In a bed of flowers,

So divine.

All along

She wanted to stand out,

Wanted someone to pick her,

Her worth she did doubt.

But being picked

Didn’t make her feel alive,

She realized she had worth

Deep inside.

When you know your value,

And you are left to grow,

Your true worth

Will be yours to show.

Just like a sunflower is special, even without anyone telling it so, you are too. In fact, you know more than anyone how special you truly are.

It’s been easy to get down lately. Maybe we feel like we haven’t been getting enough accomplished. Or we feel useless, not able to do what we used to. But just like the sunflower, you are alive right now. Today! Make it count. Pick yourself. Tell yourself in a crowd of others that you are the only you. And grow tall when you realize that! Allow yourself to bloom.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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