You Need Eggs For Eggies

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. If there’s one thing that I look forward to everyday, it’s breakfast.

Yes. Yes. I like lunch. I like dinner. I like snacks. But breakfast to me is the best meal ever. You have so many options. Obviously, there are pancakes involved. But the best part about the best meal is that it’s a tradition. We always eat it together as a family. And it’s delicious.

Yesterday, Girl Person took us for a walk. But before that, she looked in the refrigerator. I just love when she does that.

Except for the times she sees there is something missing. And our breakfast of Eggies was not going to be possible. The incredible edible egg or half a dozen just wasn’t in there.

Now. You might think she would have been in the depths of despair.

Because after all, to make a breakfast of Eggies, you need eggs.

And when you are staying on a farm like we are? The farm saves the day! Because you can get your Eggies and get them fresh. And you better believe we did.

We made our way down to the market and there they were. Eggs waiting just for us. But we had to walk back. And this was a dangerous situation.

And one that no one in their right mind with two dogs named Brickle and Digby would undertake.

But when we know the importance of minding our manners, we do what we have to do. And we did what we did. And after Girl Person had a talk with us we agreed. We would walk carefully. Purposefully. Right to the pan waiting for those Eggies.

It seemed like forever to get back to the Big Blue Treat Wagon! And then it took forever for Girl Person to cook!

But when those Eggies with cheese were hand delivered to us outside, it was Al Fresco dining time.

I never know who that Al guy is watching when we eat outside. So far he has not been successful in stealing our food because I am too fast.

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We’re those Eggies good? Sure. They always are. But somehow, they tasted better that day. Because when someone thinks of you and wants to make you happy, you feel good. Important. Loved. And don’t we all need that?

The little things in life may seem little, but they aren’t always. One act of kindness, one kind word, a surprise gift, a phone call…it may be just what someone needs right now. And that’s big.

The truth is, we are all hanging on.

Whether it’s hanging on because of money problems, or worry or sickness. Whether it’s because of fear or uncertainty or feeling alone. Maybe things that used to seem so easy and normal like going to the store are hard now. Maybe just getting out of bed is. So take the time today to do one good thing for someone else. Put someone else’s happiness first. Make their life a little more delicious today. And watch out for Al Fresco. He wants your Eggies.

Deputy Digby Pancake

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