The Pepper Storm

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. I’m sure that if you know me, you would agree that sometimes, well, I can be a little spicy. Spicy is interesting in my book. Which is about being spicy.

And on rainy days around here, you have to find a way to spice things up. Otherwise, the Depression Monster and the News Monster and the Bored Monster make their way into this Big Blue Treat Wagon RV. And I don’t have time for that.

What I do have time for is trying to outrun a storm with Girl Person to get peppers.

You see, Girl Person decided yesterday that she wanted to make her special pizza.

It’s a kind of pizza that is a little spicy. And you have to have certain ingredients. I’m no cook, and neither is Digby, but we know how to eat. And i know that it’s nice to be parked at a farm. Because we can get a lot of food without ever having to leave the farm.

We just have to walk down a long road from the campground.

Normally, it would be a piece of pizza. That’s even easier than a piece of cake.

But yesterday in particular, a storm of all storms decided to come thru our neck of the farm. And it tried to stop Girl Person from getting an ingredient she needed the most to make her pizza delicious. Peppers.

On any normal day, there wouldn’t be too much of a line at the produce stand. But on this particular, stormy day, everyone must have needed peppers. Or sunflowers.

Or whatever. And so we had to wait in line. Our phone who is apparently a weather forecaster said we had a few minutes before we were going to get stormed on. And we had a long way back. But we waited. Patiently.

As we were standing there, I wondered. Why was one ingredient so important to Girl Person? Wouldn’t her pizza have been the same without a pepper? Was it worth risking getting my hair wet for a pepper?

Girl Person got her peppers and told me there would be no lingering. There would be no stopping to smell the sunflowers. We had to book it. And I knew that spicy book I’m in was going to have a chapter on this. We ran and ran and ran!

As Digby waited all dry inside, Girl Person got me inside too. Just in time. We barely made it!

But all of a sudden, the wind picked up and blew her peppers out of the bag, blew Digby’s little pool across the field,and tried to take Girl Person’s dream of the perfect pizza to Oz.

But no. No. She had not braved a storm for one last wind to take her dreams away. She ran around like a pepper maniac and got them all. Every last pepper in her discount bag of $1 peppers.

She may have been wet. She may have been tired. But it was worth it. Because anything and everything that makes life worth living is effort. Do we put forth that effort? Or do we wait for more storms to dash our dreams?

We know of things we all want. Maybe it’s to make up with a family member we had an argument with. Maybe it’s reaching out to a friend we miss.

Just like Girl Person and I made it thru the pepper storm to make a perfect pizza, you can make it happen too. It won’t be easy. It may be scary. It may get messy. But when you get that perfect pizza at the end, you’ll know it was worth it.

That person you miss may be the one ingredient you need for a delicious life. Put forth that effort. Even if you have to weather a storm.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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