This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. You can have many friends in a lifetime. I’ve realized that.

Some friends happen to be your family.

Some friends happen to be who you work with.

Some friends you grew up with.

Some friends, maybe you’ve just met.

But what all of these friends of yours have in common is that they touched your heart. Or you wouldn’t call them a friend.

I used to think that once you made a friend, they would always be in your life. But in our case, because we travel, this simply can’t be true. Sure, they may be in our life in that we think about them. But they aren’t physically with us. There was no way to put them all in the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV.

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Digby’s butt is just way too big.

Girl Person said that not all friends you make in your lifetime have to be with you. But it is important that we learn from each one of them. And that takes a commitment on our part to learn about them first before we learn from them.

What do I mean by that? Well, every individual is different. They may be from a place on the earth that we’ve never been to. Maybe we have heard about that place. But since we have not been there, we can’t know it all. And what we do know may not even be right. Take our friend Jack, the kangaroo who lives at the farm where we are camped.

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We were told that Jack comes from a place called Australia. Now, I don’t know if he was born there or not. We don’t know the specifics about Jack’s beginning. But when we first met Jack some months ago, we knew that he was going to teach us about kangaroos and Australia without even saying a word. Because we were going to take it upon ourselves to do some research, then observe and get to know Jack. We thought since we visited him every day, that was the respectful thing to do.

I wasn’t sure at first if Jack liked us. He was scared of us, I felt. I guess we just kind of jumped into his world unannounced.

And we were a little scared too. He was big. He looked different than anyone we had seen before. And that made me nervous too. We didn’t force our friendship. But instead, we took it day by day.

Jack learned to trust us. We trusted him. And mostly because we don’t like vegetables too much. And he’s not keen on peanut butter cookies. Excellent.

But if we would have only let our scared feeling shape our friendship, a friendship would have never happened. And I wouldn’t have known what I was missing. Or would I?

You see, even though we won’t always be with Jack physically, he taught us the value of learning about others. He taught us the value of taking it slow. And he taught us the value of respect. And so we can teach that by being an example to someone else. And they can pass that on too.

Jack has been part of our quarantine crew here at the farm.

Although we have been itching to get on the road, we’ve enjoyed the peace and quiet of the farm. The bugs have made us itch too, but that’s a different story.

We’ve enjoyed the company we kept from afar and the friendships we’ve made.

This time has taught us that friendships can be made even under the most stressful of times. Don’t overlook the good now. Don’t overlook the good individuals. And keep learning…from 6 feet away. Will we be sad to leave Jack? We most certainly will miss our routine.

But my hopes is that those who come after us will be able to appreciate Jack too without jumping to conclusions. My heart jumps for you like a kangaroo!

Isn’t that what we all deserve?

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